Friday, July 1, 2016

Two weeks into this immobilizer and it was time to get the staples out. I'd had staples before but they were in my head or shoulders where I could not see how to remove them. Soon the nurse removed them with the secret little pliers, which she took from the room as I was curious about them.
 The Dr. came in and said oh that looks good. I wanted to ask him about his eyesight but thought better of it.
 He said, "Come back in two weeks."
 Something about inanimate foreign objects wrapped about me that leaves a lot to desire. I was using a walker of course and a cane in the house, without the walker.. He had said be careful if you tear this loose there is no fixing. That made me extremely nervous in some situations but I thought I must continue to live. 
  I told Lisa that it was time to take my dog home as it would give me something to worry about besides myself.
That has worked out quite satisfactory for the dog, myself and of course Lisa.

  June 29, 2016, back to the Dr. and we had him explain the injury and how he did the sewing on a mock-up model he had in the office.
  Then the new immobilizer. I don't know how to explain it, maybe a picture will help.

   So it controls how far my knee will bend. The red dial are degrees of bend for my knee. The first week is 50 degrees. I was surprised at that amount, he just smiled and said every Tuesday you are to increase the degrees by ten. Then when you reach 90 degrees I will see you again.

 Then we talk about therapy, what kind and how much I do not know. Within a year you should have most of your strength in the knee back.

  I was thinking to myself holy horse manure I'm 78 I might not have a knee good enough to make it to my own funeral, does he realize that?

  I have to admit that I now have more freedom and with in two weeks I expect to be able to put on my sock and shoe without the
2 foot shoehorn. Maybe even being able to bend my knee enough to sit behind the wheel of my car again.

  Tonight I'm trying something new, I will go to my daughters
 Pizza place and do some table busing. That will be quite a treat instead of trying to find something to watch on the boob tube.
Have a great FOURTH OF JULY

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