Thursday, July 7, 2016

Land of dirty tables

    Busing tables is a land onto itself, it stimulates, wellllllll maybe leg and back muscles. As for stimulation of the brain, it beats setting at home doing nothing, what else can I say.
    Friday night the pizza business was going wide open. The six ovens were filled all night with many more pizzas waiting to get in there and permeate their aromas throughout the neighborhood. Two delivery vehicles were running continuously until almost 10-PM
    I was whipped and my knee had been doing its job,
    Saturday business was brisk but as expected slower than Friday as everybody was doing their grilling after the hustle and bustle of getting up to their cabins after work and then opening them up.
    Only one problem was my knee. My son in law had picked me up and as I was trying to get out my knee would not quite bend far enough and I forced it to do so. By 9-PM my knee was swelled up inside of the brace enough that it was, shall we say, very uncomfortable. Lisa brought me home and I did the old elevation and ice trick.
   So Sunday I did not go down to do any busing I just stayed home
bemoaning that fact. By Monday morning it was back to almost regular size. 
  MORAL of STORY------- do not force it to bend too much, it swells up and hurts.
   I'll try it again this week, gotta do something, now and then.

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