Monday, June 6, 2016

He is getting my attention.

    Every once in a while God does get my attention. Why does he need to do it? I might have an inkling as to why.
    No I do not forget there is a God and I do so enjoy having the freedom to do so. In a world that is going more anti-Christian each day, you might say I do flaunt it. No I don't run up and down the sidewalks or road-sides doing somersaults and the like. I do laugh mostly at myself for as my son-in-law Joe keeps saying "There is no cure for stupidity."
    It was not stupidity that had me exit the one step sooner than I should have. I would say it was carelessness in not paying attention to my surroundings, maybe I was showing off in front of my SIL(son in law). You see he was unable to climb the ladder, He could not even move it as easily as I could. An eight foot (step ladder) is not well maybe it is now, a formidable obstacle to negotiate, normally. Set the ladder up and climb towards the top to replace a pair of fluorescent light bulbs. Then installing new ones and coming back down the ladder. Was it the smirk on my face that God saw as I thought I had reached the ground. How many times through times through life have you heard, mostly from parents, wipe that smile off of your face, or else.
   I believe my great Father up above was giving me a hint or too also as I was in the beginnings of disembarkation. I was in the third rung of the ladder, thinking I was on the second rung when I put my right foot down. I quickly realized I had done a no-no. I grabbed a death-grip on the ladder but to no avail.
   I looked at my left knee, as that was now at chin level, thinking this was not going to be good, when the Quadriceps Tendon, quickly and literally tore loose (exploded). With all of that action there was considerable pain not unlike the way I think a dead chicken or turkey if it could feel, when you are tearing the drum stick from the thigh. So there I was standing on my right leg. Still hanging on to that ladder with my left leg now just hanging there like a limp noodle.
   There was no exclamations or cursing from me. Joe kept asking what as wrong and I just kept saying, knee, my knee. Then they brought me a office chair with wheels and some support to hold my left leg out with the knee as straight as possible.
   No more pain as long as it was straight no do not touch it do not think about moving it. Lisa quickly went to  my house and found a old cane I have. Bringing it I could use the neck of the cane to lift my foot thereby lifting my leg.
   I knew I needed a surgeon as I have had two other knee surgeries. My Dr., does not work on Wednesdays, I quickly found out. So I would not be getting a referral from him for the orthopedic surgeon.
    The Dr's. office told me go to ER. Which I did thanks to Joe taking me there in Lisa's car. Though it has been at least 45 years since I was in one, my opinion has not changed. A emergency Dr. came in and said I can't see what the problem is for sure and she sent a portable X-Ray and soon a very nice looking lady with an ugly looking X-Ray machine came in snapped four pictures and wished me luck.
   Within an hour the emergency ER-Dr. came back and said it is not the Patella it is the Quadriceps tendon. They will do surgery on you soon.
   I sat there astonished as I was thinking, no hospital works this fast, this must be a joke. So from about 4:30  till ten PM I sat there waiting for surgery. About nine somebody said, we will admit you to a room for the night. By 10:30 PM I was in a room looking for food. I did have breakfast about 10 AM. I could now have something to eat until midnight. But there was nothing available except vending machines in the cafeteria.
    I watched my daughter Kitt as she said I'll go get some fast food. I told her no way all I wanted was a peanut butter sandwich, out the door she went telling me to relax, wait  here etc. Like I was going to leave the darn place. Soon she was back with bread and peanut butter so I had two sandwiches.
    As I have said, "There was no pain as long as the knee was kept straight." 
    But something about hospital protocol says we must ask every hour about your pain If you happen to doze off they will wake you up to take your blood-pressure, every two hours, go back to sleep, you need to rest, DUH
    I had a male nurse for the night and if nothing else he was funny as he had to keep asking me how the pain was. Finally I told him I had an extremely large amount of pain "Up where the sun does not shine." He said I as he could do something for about that area of the body. He went out and came back with about a three gallon hot water bottle. With the enema do-hickey about two foot long saying I'm ready are you? He laughed saying it took me quite a while to find this we only get it out maybe twice a year, thanks for making my night.
    The day nurse was a lot better looking. She was 5 feet tall, caring and helpful at the same time. I enjoyed talking to her but she was very busy in the morning.
    Lisa showed up about 9:30 AM. and by 10 AM I was trying to talk to my Pastor on the phone and I had to hang up on him as two more nurses showed up saying surgery time. They were both nice and the older one of the two was just plain crazy in a fun way. I went down to the bowels of the hospital or up to the heart of the hospital for a pain block for whatever the main thigh muscle is called then I met the anesthesiologist and settled with a general anesthetic and no there will be no spinal tap, but he sure did want to do a tap.
    The  surgeon said, "I will drill five holes in your knee cap and then I will run lines from the cap to the Quadriceps Tendon and I will then pull that tendon back over the knee and tie into place. He spent maybe fifteen minutes explaining all of this and I asked how long does this take you. He said "Forty five minutes." 

   I was flabbergasted thinking it took longer to explain than to do it. 
 Coming back into the real world on this particular operation (pun intended) was frightening and I might add quite painful. Tiffany my nurse asked for the usual now much pain between one and ten. I know it was my own voice howling in pain that brought into this painful world. I was honest with her as before surgery we made  deal between us. No lies from either of us, even bad news, we would be honest with one another. So I told eleven maybe another half on top of that. She told me later she could not believe how much pain I said I had. A few minutes later and I told her no change and she nodded saying I didn't change it before it was a test, as she smiled and made an adjustment, within fifteen minutes the pain had been diminished quite tolerably. 
    MY daughters told me when I was wheeled into the room I was crying and and told them to cut the SOB off.
 Today is Monday and about the fourth day after surgery. 
   Yesterday I let it be known that I was worried about the addiction of the pain medicine. This morning  I woke up about 2 AM and the pain had left my body. It has now been about 14 hours with out the pain pills for which I am mighty thankful for.
   Yesterday Kitt came and changed the dressing on the incision with no surprises there except for one of the surgical dressings.
    A dressing about 1/8th of an inch thick and 1 1/2 inches wide and six inches long. Looks and feels like a "teflon) but it is also highly absorbent. The little sucker laid over the staples and did not drag on them like regular packing's do. I found out that it is not available to peons.
   Only three more weeks in this immobilizer then to a different one with a dial up on it or something, for another four weeks and then we will see what is over the horizon.
    I had a very welcome surprise from one of the granddaughter's. Trisha with her husband and two boys stopped for a few moments and it was a joy. I sure want to thank them again for stopping even if just for a moment. 
   My buddy Gary came by and made me smile that was worth a lot. Thanks Gary

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