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I've been busy spinning my wheels

  As some of you know I have writing a short story that has turned into a novel. It is time consuming and not as easy as just writing your memoirs.
  The first chapter and part of the second chapter are true adventures that happened when I was up at Mom and Dad's
DAMSITE LODGE  on the Montreal River at mile post ninety three on the ALGOMA (affectionately called Agony central RR.) Central RR.
I'm giving you some of the chapter prologues so that you might understand and maybe get some interest in the story.

   Here is the PROLOGUE to Chap ONE, as it stands today.

The Astounding love of Brady Hock  Brady Hock
An adventurous FICTIONAL  love story.                          
by Darrell Patton

    PROLOGUE to Chap. one
 The bear was outside the cabin, it was as dark as pitch. Cookie, my bird dog, was in the top bunk with me, I think she was shaking more than I was. The bear tried the door but it was shut tight with a chair up against the door latch. He had already tried the window but was discouraged because, we had put buck-saw blades upside down across the window, so it hurt the bear when he tried to get a paw up there and then tried to pull the blade out of his way. The bruin was not really growling but sort of a half snuffing, woofing sound. Plus he was snapping his teeth, a sign that he was agitated. As he walked around the cabin he would occasionally rub up against it, at one point he grabbed a corner of the building, then he shook the whole building. About then I was thinking why did I ever volunteer for this? 15 is too young to die! 
   Back a few years ago, way back in the nineteen fifties, a lot longer than I like to admit, I had an experience with a bear in the cabin. 

 Now as I was writing chapter two the story was getting to be mundane, I decided to put a little more excitement into a seven day wilderness canoe trip that I made with a friend when I was about seventeen or eighteen years old.
Prologue to Chap 2

  We all heard it at about the same time as Cookie (dog) walked over towards the noise very stiff legged on the alert for whatever might be there. It was a child, a girl, maybe about eight or nine years old, we figured. She was just sitting there, in shock on the damp ground. She was scratched from being in the Canadian bush looking like she had been bitten by most of the mosquitoes in Ontario. Her clothes were in disarray and very dirty, her hair had once been a light brown was now muddy, all snarled up. Her shirt was a light material of some type; it had been white at one time…..

  Also I wanted the book to be able to be enjoyed by both sexes and family safe but also believable. 
 Thanks to neighbor couple they have done a lot of story editing for me. I had asked for them to be honest as I needed to hear what changes needed to especially to make sure the story would be interesting to females of all ages. Well they were very honest and I made the changes and amazingly it reads better. One of the changes they mentioned was why did I mention outhouses and taking breaks and monthly problems. I told her a lot of this is wilderness and riding horseback with a mixture of city dudes and country folk. Life and death of animals is not liked especially by a cattle grower bu it is a fact of life. Bathroom breaks even happen to office workers. But when you put those same people on horseback for a two or three day ride eating and eliminating out in the middle of a grassy field can be quite an experience especially for a lady in a male dominate lifestyle. We did a compromise on that and I do thank her for having me changing some of it. 
  It has been an ongoing process that is never ending, it seems. I never realized how many people actually were so profane in their speaking.
  I tried to tell the story  as myself as the main character because let's face it. Just about every experience in it is an actual snippet of my life.
   In the story my folks are killed in a auto accident (remember it is now fiction)after they sold the lodge and were moving to Florida and I as "Brady Hock" wondered around for awhile after their death's and ended up in Idaho.     Living and being a twenty five percent owner in a cow/calf dude ranch. Now for me that is where the fun began while I was writing and researching trying to keep it historically correct with only one or two author's whims.
  The trouble with writing a novel is you actually become the person who you are writing about and become emotionally involved.
  It is a "Love" story but not as it is written about now days.
 really a man I loved dearly and his habit throughout is lifetime and that would be my Dad. It seemed to me throughout his life he would give, time, money, prayer or whatever and he would receive it back many times over.

   I have been in contact Zondervan Publishing now a partner with WESTBOW Publishing corp but still active in Christian publishing. 
  I have also been in contact with a story editor and a illustrator.
  The publishers, illustrator, and story editor all appear to be beyond reproach.
  Prologue to Chapter three

  Thank goodness the phone continued ringing, while I searched for it. I found it on the 10th ring saying, “I found it, hello.” 
  The female voice on the other end said, “Brady?”
   I said, “Yes who is this?” 
 “This is Danyel Kline, Zane’s sister.” 
   I said, “I thought you were at college.” 
   Danyel said, “I came home to surprise Zane; I think something has happened to him.” She continued on “There is a note here dated 10 days ago that he was going to go up to Hidden Valley for 3 or 4 days, says he should be back within a week. He is not here, his horses Toby and Elmo, are not here, nor his saddle, bridle, or carbine.” 
   I said, “Where are your folks?” 
   Danyel said, “They went to Hawaii.”
 She asked, “Will you help me look for him, you are his best friend; I think you might know where Hidden Valley might be.”

  I do have a lot of chapters as I hope to get it published into a series of books. 
  No I have not made a choice on the cover of the book, No I have not made a choice on any of the illustrations that will be needed. Yes I spend countless hours daily editing double checking the correct spelling, Making sure the indentation on the paragraphs are enough to show up but not to deep to waste paper.
 Will it be available electronically? I don't know all of the answers but I am inclined to think first a book and then maybe put out for the electronic readers.

How about a wedding I even have one of those, when Brady does get married.
Chap # 7
The Wedding

  In the last week there was so much activity around the house that it was hard for the family to get in and out with their vehicles. Two humongous tents were erected that would put any circus to shame the generators were very large diesels that were hidden behind some shrubs. In one tent there was a big dance floor and a raised platform for the band. There were 1000 folding chairs and heaven only knows how many tables. The sod was being removed for roasting of the 2 steers. The caterer’s trucks, equipment were being set up in strategic places and then a parking lot was put way out where the new handicap arena was going to be. Since it was almost a half mile there was a fleet of golf carts for transporting the guests. It looked like a statistical nightmare that had been worked on for a long while. Amongstll of that were all of the portable toilets, purposefully set up so as not to be eyesores.   The local ambulance center will furnish an ambulance and crew for a very nominal fee, plus food of course, HA-HA
 Honeymoon plans had not been discussed between the couple, as each one was so busy keeping the everyday operations going they did not have time. Each one harbored the thought, that they might not go anyplace right now.

Keila and her entourage (friends) were busy setting up their choreography for the wedding cakes, for a 1000 guests. Her friendly dietitian was helping with the statistics on that, so far the dietitian had only said, “That is a hell of a lot of cake.” 
I hope to get it printed this year yet as time and finances dictate. Plus my new (to me) touring scooter that is big enough not only to haul me but to also let me go to the UP and around to see some people I have not seen in a long time. 
Time will tell.
See you at the house.

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