Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Book

        I can't believe that I haven't  been here since march but time flies by when you are in love. By love, I mean the type that consumes you 24 hours a day seven days a week. No we will not marry, you see, I have never met them.
  They are both figments of my imagination that I never knew I had. I have been married twice here on earth. The first one, I'm sorry to say, ended in divorce, after 13 years of marriage my high school sweetheart said adios. Devastation consumed me to the utmost.
 Then I met number two and we had 37 years together until the big "C" took her. Again I was consumed with devastation trying to find another to replace her. I'm still looking for number three, she might be out there in this world and I'm sure if we should meet, it will happen.
 When I started this book my lifelong friend Dan Revoir said, "When you start, the words will flow." How right he was. I would write maybe a whole chapter. I would get up in the middle of the night and then write another 10 or 12 thousands words. Then later on when I was editing, proof reading, I'd say, to myself, I remember something like that happening, why that had to be 50 or 60 years ago.
    Let me tell you about my current loves that are a figment of imagination, if I can. I have written a novel it is a faith based novel as life has been for me. I have told Kitt, one of my daughter's, many times I could not sleep because of what I was writing. I never realized until the last couple of days that I was writing about my past or may be as I thought it was, also the present and future as I would like it to be. All of the names in my novel are fictitious.This novel started out to be non fiction but I quickly realized my adventures would be awful boring to some people, especially the female gender. So I brought into the story a 10-11 year old girl and her dad who had big problems up in Canada on the Montreal River at my parents lodge. For every action there is a reaction.  The non fiction ended about there in the book. I realized I had to use fictitious names. So throughout the story all names are fictitious but locations are quite accurate. 
 My two love's names are Dani and Keila, both fictitious. Through lives twists and turns, strange things happen. Also when I read what I have written about them I now realize I wrote about my two wives. The fiction is the names their experiences are snippets of my live, talk about weird.
 The 11 yr old girl in Canada, I find in again in Idaho, 10 yrs later. The other love is also in Idaho.
 By bringing in love with, a dude ranch and their employees, with some of their problems, horses, death, bears, cattle, wolves, sickness in the form of cancer, even some MS and how God works his mysterious wonders, which many of us call miracles. 
 As I reread the chapters I am amazed at how much life I have been fortunate to participate in. I don't know when the book will be out. My finances slow it down a lot and with Kitt's help I am trying to work through it.

The title is: The Astounding Brady Hock or when you read it you can see How God Worked Through Brady Hock.
 The first paragraph of chapter one starts like this:  
  What is that under the snow I said to myself as my dog (Igor) and I slogged along in the deep snow? As I approached the bump under the snow Igor, my Wired Hair Griffon, rushed ahead as fast as his muscular, wire haired, 80 pound body could go growling, snarling a warning to whatever was buried there.  Then all of a sudden he was whining, barking, wagging his tail, frantically digging in the snow as I stepped up, carefully trying to see why he was so happy when a bare hand with fingernail polish, showed on top of the snow.
I'm hoping the story will be interesting to all ages and both genders. As it is a story of Brady's life and his love all of the people he met.


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