Saturday, February 7, 2015


  We were in a church, someplace in New Mexico and the preacher was a guest speaker or evangelist and he came out wearing a light leather vest, western style shirt, bolo tie, a large champion roper belt buckle, a 10 gallon hat, cowboy boots and carrying a lariat. As he approached the pulpit he took off his hat and twirled the rope over his head threw it towards a kid right next to me. The young boy ducked, threw up his arm and the loop glanced my way, landed around my head and settled onto my shoulders. We all laughed and as I straightened my glasses and tried to regain my composure, as I was a guest at this church, and was sitting in the 3rd row so that I could hear what was going on.
   He then explained that his rope throwing was part of his evangelism but he always threw it at a child but he missed today and then explained that he and I had actually met yesterday at the RV Park and explained what I was doing. He laughed and said I don’t remember his name, what was it? I laughed and said that we both had the same problem as I could not remember his, but I knew his wife’s name was Allison, and he said your wife’s name is Sally. The congregation just laughed and he continued on without knowing my name. He’d just say Sally’s Husband etc. He explained that I was up to my elbows in “DO-DO” as he watched and listened to me as I repaired the “DO-DO” hose on our trailer. He stated that he was amazed at the way I approached the job and I was humming different songs. He laughed and mentioned a couple of the songs I was half singing and humming and they were I Love To Tell The Story and the other one was Precious Memories……how they linger, and he and the congregation broke into joyful laughter as he said, you know, I never looked at that song that way.
 He then got into the sermon of how he was called to be an Evangelist. He worked for a rancher and left that job to work in a stockyard/feedlot nearby his home where he saw a need for the rough and tumble co-workers. Soon he rented a church building right nearby and started preaching on Sundays to his co-workers and others that were using the excuse that they did not want to be part of an organized religion. He said I wanted to stop that excuse so each Sunday in the little town of 600 people, while still working he preached his little sermon’s “COWBOY STYLE”.  As the church grew and grew he felt a calling to continue on to reach-out to the cowboys in different cities.
 His wife Allison also had a story to tell of their young son and how the Dr’s wanted to abort but they did not and he is very well. Allison was quite a good singer and presented us with a CD and one of those songs on that CD was soon Sally’s favorite and I made sure it was played at her memorial a few years ago and it is entitled “Everything”.
 It was an enjoyable afternoon as they had a potluck after church and we were invited and required to stay or else be hung by the ROPE MAN, as the kids called him that day.

  Many times while traveling Sally and I would reminisce about the cowboy and his sermon and reinforce in each other the old saying “you never who was watching or listening, nor how it would impact that person.

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