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I started this on Dec 24, 2014

 Today as things wind up for the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY tomorrow I'm taking a few minutes out and doing some writing, as it is fresh on my forgetful mind.
 To fill you in it was in back in the mid 60's my daughter's, Kitt and Kris were still quite young as they were born in 62 & 63 (I think), so they were 4 & 5 years old. We lived in a small yellow frame house south of Fremont, MI. It was also our home. We did not have money to speak of but we had love. We had an amazing 20 acres of sand. My boss laughed and said the land is so poor you could not raise Hell on that soil, with a bottle of whiskey and a wild woman. We did have 15 bearing apple such as what we called spies and snow-apples. I imagine they were hand me down seeds from Johnny Appleseed way back when.
 There was the original log cabin that we used for storage. Most of the logs were rotten and had been patched with cement as to keep the building standing.
 We'd also had installed a lean-to type building that I'd bought from Russ Mock. He'd used the building for his bottle gas business until he sold out. The building measured 12 x 24 and Russ sold it to me for the great sum of $150.00 cash, delivered. The building was on skids so no foundation was needed. It was just right for  our 2 or 3 horses and some hay storage. I also had put up a arena that we used for our little neighborhood horse shows.
Kitt on Bird

Kris in the lead-in class. Me swatting a bug.

  I was delivering fuel oil and working on oil furnaces etc and my wife, Peggy, was working in Fremont for Bell Telephone customer service office and one of the girls was in school at that time.
  A neighbor, Mrs. Iranyi (sp) who was Hilda Stariha's Mother would tell the kids many stories about when she was a child in the old country. As she told her stories the girls never missed a word. The story they repeated most often was how Mrs. Iranyi said, the animals talked at midnight on Christmas Eve. So that Christmas Eve when, no matter how hard you try the kids won't slow down. I said to Peg (a rehearsed sentence)  hey do you think that animals will talk tonight? 
  Of course the girls heard that and were ready NOW. Being mean parents we made them get out of their pajamas get back into their clothes and also their snowmobile suits. Mom said she was going to clean up the house so I took the girls out to where our 2 or 3 horses and the one Jersey Calf, Heidi, were at.
 I moved a few bales of  hay and made seats for us and we began the wait for midnight about 2 hours away. A night not unlike what I think that night 2000 years ago was like, COLD & SILENT.
  After the usual chit-chatting we fell silent and soon they fell asleep. I was amazed as the horses accepted us without question and their nickering to one another and the calf, well all she wanted to do is join the girls.
Kitt & Kris at about 3 & 4 with their Raggedy Anne & Andy Dolls

  We were rudely awakened about 12:30 by Peg shouting for us to come in as Santa had been here. The girls excitement about Santa overshadowed missing the animals talk. 
 To this day I still do not know if they talk at mid-night on Christmas Eve, do you?

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