Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Just another old coot on a scoot!

Summer seems to have disappeared and at the same time it seems as it just started. The furnace was on one day and the next the A/C was running. 
that scenario is now a thing of the past, I believe, for this year, darn it.  It seems as if I'm just starting to get brave enough to explore the different areas of the state I wanted to see or have never seen. Last week I did go to Empire where  Sally and I started our "Workamper" experiences, so long ago. Of course the  area has grown and there has been a lot of changes, but it is still a beautiful area of Michigan.
 Then I traveled over to Edmore to  meet up with some other Honda Helix owners. So all in all I got just about 400 miles in for  the week and then the cold front with rain came in.

Getting ready to go for another ride on "Lil Dahlin"
a resurrected 1986 or 87 HONDA HELIX with a 2000 assembled title

 Soon the weather will level out and I can sneak in another little trip somewhere. Wherever I go you can bet I'll put some more pictures in here. 

Wherever I go I like to have Bubba, along

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Shazza said...

400 miles is great! That's well over 300 more than I did. Hope you get to ride more before the weather changes for winter properly.