Monday, October 20, 2014

FALL is Harvest time

Fall has arrived

(I borrowed this picture from Rich Murray Facebook Honda Helix Scooter.)
A lot of humidity in the air and have to dress more warmly.

This is a series of fall 2014 colors. Another different year for color but I believe the large amount of rain we've had sort of muted the colors.
One day I decided I've got to get some photos of the trees.Though muted in color it is still quite spectacular. Just me and Lil Dahlin with the camera just snapping away. All of this is within 30 miles of home

Notice no scooter in the pictures this was a quick cold trip. 

So few reds this year, I wonder why?
Its so much easier to take pictures from this than the Helix

Where did Bubba come from? He didn't answer his phone  earlier. He is good company.


The bright golden yellow of the Maples

Loading pumpkins for market. Next to a Butternut squash field.
Pumpkins ready to be loaded for market
Squash of some type not going to market.

Little 80 acre patch of pumpkins

2 very lonely Conifers that appear to be Blue Spruce in among the oaks.
Peaceful co-existence with Mother Nature

Of course I had to stop and honor one of our Native Americans.

The Poplar Trees have more yellow tone where the Maple is a deep more rich color.

Even the Sumac is showing some Red

Just random photos taken during one of the many days of rain.
We might even have this to look forward to in a month or so. 
When the color of the season will be white.


Shazza said...

Really nice scenery. Must've been a sweet ride, too. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Lloyd said...

Great photos Darrell, that is what I miss most about not living in Michigan.

Robert Wilson said...

It's moment like that where I miss living up North. Then it snows and I'm so glad that I'm in Florida.