Thursday, September 4, 2014

WHERE Does it not hurt?

Pictured above is my "maxi" scooter "Lil Dahlin". It is a Honda Helix 250cc and it is registered as a motorcycle. Which means a license and endorsement on your driver's license. It averages, this summer, 68 mpg. The top speed is about 72 mph so it is okay on exways etc.
  Where did the summer go? I'm sure wherever you live, you are going to ask the same thing if you haven't already. I am beginning to believe old age is not worth a tinker's dam. Each movement of the body is a quick reflection of my/our past.
  When I was young and indestructible the moments of football, hockey, bicycle, tripping (falling) down the stairs and later on motorcycles, horses and a couple of auto related accidents that took care of my shoulders and at least one ankle. Teeth careless brushing and smoking took care of them. Hearing, loss of 80%, mostly because of an inner ear disease called Meniere's Syndrome, which I have found out is mainly brought on by STRESS and of course stress can do anything to you including kill you.
  I really like to ride "Lil Dahlin". But after what seems like such a short time my left knee begins to ache. If it was just a regular ache I could stand that but, this is a lot like a toothache hurt. So I must stop just about every hour or so and walk around for a couple of minutes and then continue on. I have a buddy that had a severe leg wound while in VietNam. He tried to put up with the pain for a couple of years but finally he decided on the amputation below the knee. Did he miss his leg you betcha, but the pain was gone. Has his life been pain free no, but I do know he has never regretted his decision.  Now with me it is just a short reprieve from pain but it feels so good when it stops.
 I'm reminded each time I suit up for a ride on Lil Dahlin. First I must remove the hearing aids and put them in a safe container and then insert ear plugs because of the inherent wind noise, while riding. The helmet I use is, I think, a fancy one that even has a air pump built in so the head is more protected, especially if my noggin is met by pavement, tree, auto or whatever. I had to promise my daughter that I'd wear a helmet. I said yes dear, "I'm dumb enough already", LOL.

Xelement Transport Black Helmet with Air Pump Comfort System

So to put on my helmet I remove my glasses, open the visor, put on my "dew-rag" and then try to slip the helmet down on my head and get it over my ears and over the plugs. If my ears are close to being where they belong I slip my glasses through the visor so I can see again. Then the chin strap is connected, usually pretty easy BUT every once in awhile it fights me. Then I put on my jacket. It is a Exelement made with a TriTex Fabric and armored, red in color with a white stripe across the shoulders and some of it is reflective.
"Xelement 'Dragon' Mens Black/White/Red Tri-Tex Fabric Jacket"
 Armored means that the elbows, shoulders and a back panel  has  what they call "Level Three" composite for the highest protection available. It is sort of like Teflon, I think it helps you to slide farther, LOL. It also has a removable liner that makes it a lot more comfortable in hot weather and it is built for rain and with the liner for the cooler weather. Now it takes me almost 5 minutes to put on the helmet, jacket and gloves. Needless to say if I'm going to the store, restaurant or friends closeby, I use a skull cap, half of a helmet that only takes 30 seconds to put on.
Minimal protection

So when I want to go for a ride I really want to go, if you know what I mean. I check and look at the local and the Java radar and find out if it is going to rain or not, then the wind etc.  Put in your own zip code and enjoy. Weather permitting I try and ride everyday. Usually 80 to 100 miles which takes about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. When I remember I take the camera and do some stopping for different pictures.
 Catch you later I'm going for a ride. 

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