Thursday, September 25, 2014

Empire, by golly.

I get some of the best views from the seat of my scooter!

September and October are a couple of my favorite months usually mild weather with cool nights and warm days. Havest time for the farmers that have spent the summer working hard and praying the crops will not fail, so they can do it again next year.
 All summer I've been saying,"gotta go to Empire" and well I could not find anybody that wanted to go up to Sleeping Bear Dunes area then return the same day. So I says I'll go by myself. Usually works out good that way anyway. I said adios to beautiful downtown Hesperia, MI about 10 AM and took the back roads up to Scottville where US-10 and US-31 meet and took US-31 north towards Manistee. I use to drive that route twice weekly when I was driving truck. I have to admit that there has been a lot of building going on in the last 25 years. At Manistee I took M-22 North. 22 more or less follows the the Lake Mi shoreline.

 This is "Lil Dahlin" resting in the shade as I walked off a cramp and took a couple of pictures. They have a nice looking crop of apples there.

 Now M-22 winds around and up and down and is really a nice leisurely ride as it goes through some of the villages that at one time were fishing villages. Names like Onekama, Pierpoint, Arcadia, Elberta, Frankfort, and many beautiful lakes such as Bear Lk, Arcadia, Crystal, Platte Lakes

I happened to see a historical sign and I took a side road and these pictures. A beautiful old building with a long history. EVEN older than I am.
 When I reached  Empire I gassed Lil Dahlin up as I like to fill it at a 100 miles or so and the the trip meter said 120 miles.  I then went out to the village beach where 20 yrs ago I spent some time.  A lot of improvements including a rock wall nice picnic tables and a playground for the kids, of all ages. I unpacked my 2 sandwiches and my bottle of water and went and found a picnic table that was partially sunny. There was a couple from Kenosha Wi., and we struck up a conversation and I soon told them what little I knew of the area. Also I pointed out that from where we were sitting we could see the sleeping bear
 The view from my picnic table, looking East and South. 

 Not a real good picture but if you use your imagination you can see the SLEEPING BEAR. At least the head and body.
The dune where if you think you are able you can climb up. It is a natural 13% grade and very difficult. A lot of people tried and a lot of people did not make it. They have an escape route that is a lot easier up through the woods.
 I could see that Sleeping Bear was in good shape So I turned towards home. Back down toward Frankfort and saw a county road that said Honor. That was for me as it would get me back onUS 31. I nice scooting road meandering around lakes in and out and up and down into Honor, Beulah and Benzonia all on US 31. Then East on M-115 which runs South East and into Mesick. I did notice that North of M-55 and inland from the lake there is more color on the trees, not a lot but it is coming.

Route 115 you can make pretty good time on as it is straight with a few hills.
  Into Mesick where M-115 and M-37  intersect and then I stretched "Lil Dahlin" out a little. No traffic wide shoulders and 70 some degrees down toward Baldwin. My dad and wife(both deceased) would be proud of me as I did not stop at Peacock Ind and look at all of the scooters, motorcycles,  atv and everything else for sale. My butt was too sore after I got into Baldwin it is only about 45 minutes to home and I stretched it out some more.
 All in all It was a great little excursion. 239 miles by the trip meter, 66 MPG. Beautiful weather and I finally got to Empire.
 Keep on Scootin
Its more FUN

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Sounds like you had a great time, Dad. So happy that you made the trip!