Monday, August 4, 2014

Michigan Dark Rider

Meeting new friends, everyday

Yesterday (Thurs. Jul 31) I had the pleasure of meeting Michigan Dark Side Rider (Mike) . We had made plans to meet up while he was on one of his many scooter/camping trips. He was going to Cycle More Campground at Interlochen to meet up with a group that he belongs to for about 3 days of camping.
 He lives about 200 miles East of me and said he'd meet me at 11:15 to 11:30 ish. He did show up and it was only a couple minutes off of what he and Google had figured. After introducing ourselves we sat down to a leisurely snack. Well he had breakfast and I had soup. So that does make it brunch.  Through Emails we had discovered we were raised only a few miles apart and went to the same high-school in Waterford Township in Oakland County. Like most people we talked about past and our families and his scooter/camping. He rides a Silverwing and I, a Helix. What's a few cc's between friends.

Dark Rider's Silverwing loaded for fun.

After lunch he fueled up.  I'd topped "Lil Dahlin's" fuel tank before so we were all set. Originally, since he was going out of his way a few miles I was going to show him a shortcut that would save him at least 20 miles.
  We headed up North out of Hesperia on the winding paved county roads. The road still follows the boundary lines of some of the old farms that were so important in earlier days. Every 160 rods the road makes a turn as it heads North and West. Through some of the flat ground where many acres of pasture, also where asparagus is grown and then into heavier ground where acres of squash, pickles, carrot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, fruits of all kinds and Christmas trees. A really varied variety of delicacies to please most all palates 
 This route that I picked was all paved, relatively smooth, light on traffic. We only met 2 semis and they were hauling squash. In a few weeks  it'll be dozens of trucks hauling produce every which way.
 The beautiful sunny day with a light steady breeze was really a delight. We just cruised along at 50 to 60 MPH. It being early afternoon I was not to worried about the deer and the turkeys. And they behaved themselves and stayed out of the roads, for us.
 Detour-detour %^&;*() I had not planned on this at all. It said BRIDGE OUT! Holy crap we had to cross that river.
And we only about 4 miles from US 31. Well as for me and my bewildered mind we headed west over toward old US 31. So we headed west towards old 31 for about 7 or 8 miles and then it dawned on me. Did you ever have a DUH minute? The detour was for another road, I just did not read the small print. So we got to old 31  without any problem and that put us about 4 mi south of Ludington. I tried to apologize to Mike because he just lost 16 miles of the shortcut.

This Mike with the thumbs up as we parted.
So I left Mike at this time, hoping he enjoyed this interlude as much as I did. 
He continued on North and I went South to visit a friend but a couple of miles from his place I experienced a NEW - DIFFERENT vibration. Annoying, like a soft tire, or a drive belt. I stopped and checked out the tires and wheels and decided to head on home. I've had to belts break on a couple of Chinese scooters and I was sure that is what was going to happen. So friends tell me- Do you speed up and get to there faster or do you slow down and suffer longer? LOL
 So yesterday Sun. afternoon my daughter and her husband came over and he brought his motorcycle jack and within 30 minutes a new belt was installed and the vibration was gone. Now the old belt looks good, like new    but the vibration is gone and I'll be keeping it for future use if ever needed. 
 So Kitt and Bill thanks for all of the help and also again Happy Birthday Kitt. 

I just keep on scootin with that smile

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Kaitlin Latsch said...

The answer is get there faster!