Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today, as I read the newspapers and the usurping of the American Citizens Rights, I got to thinking something I read in our US History Books.
Our nation was founded, of course, with the thoughts of Christianity. Our amazing Constitution and Bill of Rights were written by some of the greatest scholars EVER, as can be attested by our past 200 years. From abject poverty to one of the greatest nations on earth.
When our country was first created it was run by volunteers. Now if you look closely at volunteers you'll find that they volunteer because they love what they believe in. Look at volunteer fireman. They do everything in their power to keep their particular organization solvent. Pancakes suppers, car washes, friendly competitions with the neighboring departments give them a chance to show off their skills and exchange ideas which in turn makes not only their departments perform better but also enriches the community.
Our legislators, senators and all of the law makers at one time were also volunteers. They went to their State Capitals or even Washington DC as volunteers.
Now of course most of them are career money mongers looking out for themselves and not so much for their country or state. You say how do you figure that?  A couple of examples.
Local Volunteer ambulance attendants used to be volunteers. Now the volunteers had to have training,of course, mostly at their expense. Which means they spent many nights going to classes in different towns, many times, after working their full time jobs. Which also means they left their families so that they could volunteer to be gone some more BUT THEY DID IT FOR THE LOVE OF THEIR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS which of course meant THE WHOLE COMMUNITY!
We all spent much time donating ambulance, helping to raise the monies needed for our enrichment of life, because they wanted to help and we realized we needed it.
The powers to be came along and said and I quote from memory “We are going to give you “PROFESSSIONAL” attendants. So they came in with much hoopla and of course more bureaucracy and said You now have full time time people with the ambulance etc. So these attendants, as far as I know did not have to wash the ambulances, worry about this or that, just be there sit around, eat and think, how can I make more money? I can't make a living at this wage, they are working me too hard etc. Maybe a union? We've got to organize, blah, blah, blah. Well so much for worrying about your neighbors and/or the community . It was gone with the wind. Gone are the days of camaraderie of listening to the radio and realizing somebody needs more help and saying, as a volunteer, I've got to go help, now! Shouting at the neighbors, watch the kids I'll be back, there is a cake in the oven etc.
Now it takes organizations to do what volunteers used to do. Is it all bad? NO but is it all good? No of course not.
Our volunteers whether Police, Fire, Ambulance all/were/are needed. Thankfully in our community we still have the volunteer fire department and, I believe, are all dedicated members wanting to help make a better community.
Our country needs to go back to the basics of not only religion BUT VOLUNTEERISM. Where the elected servants are truly servants dong what the majority wants done and in the Christian way.

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