Monday, June 30, 2014

A couple of things I'd like to say in this post.
 Well maybe four things.

First is the word awesome;
 Originally from the Bible where it meant "from one who inspired awe"! What does it mean today sure isn't that so much anymore, think about. It is used for anything that the person using it, likes. I don't believe it is all bad, but it is not what it started out to be, is it?
 It is a secular saying in which has become very popular with texting and some of the "Rap" music. Also being used by some Christians in speeches and everyday communications. Did you know that "Oh My God" is really the sin of using the name of our God in vain, especially when it's only to emphasize our emotions? Does that surprise you. 
 Surprising isn't it?  We've become such a lax society that almost nobody pays any attention to it being used.
  The word of "LOVE" 
 Most of us say things like isn't that lovely which is a derivitive, of course the word love. Or we say I love this or I love that. Can you describe love? Can you explain love? I believe originally started from the East on that morning that we celebrate Christmas on and LOVE became fulfilled on the day, 30 some years later, we celebrate Easter.
 Those of us that have lost children cannot even explain the wrenching and tearing of the heart that goes with that. Again it is beyond explanation AND Ialmost beyond comprehension.  
 Put on your thinking caps:
 Could you turn over your child to a complete stranger to raise, knowing that in 30 some short years they will murder Him? I know there is more to the story than that but, it is the crux of it! It is all written and a part of history.  
 What does the word mean to you and what does it really mean? You read the social media and (my opinion of course) it amounts to almost being, or being sexually  active with a certain person. That folks is not what relationship means if you think that is what it means you are in a big pot of doo-doo! 
Everybody you know, you have a relationship with! Your family, friends, acquaintances, fellow employees, teachers, employers, spouses, grandparents and the list goes on. Again going to FB, for instance, a lot of people say, "In a complicated relationship"! No kidding every relationship worth talking about is complicated. Think about it. 
 We all have special relationships but there is no sex involved. Also I believe we all have relationships we do not talk about, how about you?

As I get older (ancient) I get more impatient and more vociferous about things, as you well can tell. 

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