Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Which trip?

Last year started a "love affair" between my old Honda Helix and myself. I'm hoping it will continue this year.

Father's Day 2013 at Hardy Dam

I'm going to try to do a post on  a trip with my Honda CN 250
"HELIX" scooter. Mine originally started out as a 1986 and is now a 2000 because of a broken frame and a lot of communication with Michigan Sect of St. So according to their standards it is now  14 years newer. I've never been able to win over bureaucracy and the people that screw up things.

Somedays, I almost feel as if my "scootin" days might be coming to an end

 Last fall I put up a new shed to put "Lil Dahlin" in and out of the way for the winter. We had well over 120 inches of snow which made it a good old fashioned type of winter. Lots of wind and actual below zero temperatures etc. Ice fell off the roof of one building and onto Lil Dahlin's shed and demolished the roof and tipped her over BUT no damage  to the scooter. Maybe another scratch or two but nothing mechanical. There was so much snow I could not get into it. I had been shoveling the snow off of the roof so there was anywhere from 2 to 3 feet of snow around the building plus whatever was already on the ground . One of my granddaughters and her boyfriend came up that night and got it all set up again. (In case I forgot, thank you Kaitlin and Marty)  
 Now that it is warming up I'm getting "itchy butt" to get "scootin". We've been getting excessive amounts of rain for our area, in many inches per day 1-2- 3-4-5-7 you name it we've been getting it. Not the best conditions for riding. But that is okay as I have not renewed the license plate for this year. I cancelled the insurance last fall when I put her up for the winter months. If the weather ever straightens up I'll re-insure her and get a new plate.  In the meantime I'll change the oil and change the drive-train lubricant, tighten up any nuts and bolts, check out the lights and all the good stuff.
   Now where am I going to go and how long will I be gone? One of my trips I'd like to take this summer is the "Tunnel of Trees which is just over 400 miles on a round trip, for me. Makes for a long day or a great 2 day trip. My scooter is quite capable of running 65 mph hour after hour BUT I like to enjoy the scenery.
In the evenings sometimes I like to take along some music, to unwind too.

 Another trip is Manistee to Traverse City via Lake Michigan Lake-Shore Tour And it takes you up through Sleeping Bear Dunes and all of the quaint villages but, it again makes for a long day but it sure is worth it for scenery.
Another option is traveling west to the Lake and follow the shore line up to Ludington. A nice leisurely 3 or 4 hour drive.
  Being only about 25 miles from Lake Michigan I am lucky and have many different options. Should I pack a tent to stay overnight or should I spend a $100.00? I think you know the answer to that.

I do try and take some of the comforts of home with me, if there is room.

  What if it breaks down? Well believe it or not there is road service included in the insurance, so that'll help a little. Also I have found this Honda to be a very reliable mode of transportation. Not at all like the Chinese mopeds etc that I've owned.  Gas mileage is in the high 60's and low 70's and that helps. It has 2 new tires that cost an arm and part of a leg, I thought.
Sometimes Bubba goes along, he seems to gain respect from most of the drivers. He is also one of the most respectful and courteous people, MOST OF THE TIME!!

Another great trip would be the annual STO get together in Eureka Springs, AR in September.
 Scootin The Ozarks is a great adventure for people up in our neck of the woods. Very curvy/winding roads through the old towns where the buildings  are right out to the edge of the streets. But the trip there is about, I'd say, about 4 or 5oo miles. Then 2 or 3 days of parades, tours and the ride back home. I do not think it'll be this year for me but maybeeee?
 I'd like to get a GPS for it but a good one you can read in the sun is almost $600.00. I took my cheap one I had on a trip last summer and could not read it in the bright sun. Also it now does not work, at all. LOL
 I'd like to get one of those sport cameras you can put on your helmet but that remains to be seen. BUT I already have a camera that is capable of taking great pictures. So why spend the money?
Be careful out there and watchout for me and others on my little scooter.

I would like to thank whomever these pictures belong to as no copyright infringement was intended

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