Thursday, April 17, 2014

The ROUND-UP AT Tex Creek

Cattle seemed to be an everyday problem at
Tex Creek. 
We had a few ranches bordering the WMA properties and like most ranches in the area they were over grazed and cows being cows were always looking fro greener pastures. We had greener pastures a couple of 20 to 40 acre plots of alfalfa and those cows knew it, also we didn't have cattle grazing, supposedly.  Our land was for the wintering elk and deer that came in by the hundreds. Two of the ranches gave us the most problems. The others if they had errant cattle they got them off in orderly fashion. 
The main culprit thrived on leaving letting their critters graze across other peoples property. For 2 weeks I tried my darnedest to get 18 head back towards their home range. I suspect the owners tore down fences after I'd fixed them at least twice. Of course I could not prove it BUT I did keep finding salt blocks on the WMA property which suspiciously kept showing up weekly. I'd pick them up and put them in our shed, I took pictures, I even drove over to their ranch and showed them to them. Of course they denied everything. I asked my boss if I could slaughter one critter and have a barbecue and invite the ranchers over. He said NO it was almost a capital offense to kill rustle a cow. I said how about a rancher. He laughed and said that penalty is a lot less. So one day we had a round up. Of course it took a lot of doing as Jerry was in town and had a girlfriend and disappeared for 2 days. Now he was 73 yrs old. Well they finally showed up and I showed them where the cattle were.
The cows were on top of a "bench" where there was some pretty good grazing. They were up there because I'd chased them out of the alfalfa everyday for a week.
I stayed at the bottom of the hill in the pickup. We wanted them to go into a elk trap that was at the bottom of the hill and then transport them back home. Range cattle are dumb just like a fox.
It the cowboys at least 5 minutes to get to the top and of course the cows just watched them, for a little bit. If you look closely you can see one of the cowboys right in the middle of the picture, just moseying the cows down the hill.

Of course you've always got one that will not follow.

Had to get up the road to stop this small group!!
Cows cannot be rushed, in the direction you want them to go. You've got to push them.

 It takes awhile to push them in.
Then the inevitable happens.
I'm leaving!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry has been a cowboy all of his life and he was riding a mustang that he purchased from one of the Wild Horse Auctions. Doug was quite a bit younger and was not near the horseman that Jerry was. He rode a lot like old Gabby Hayes with elbows just a flopping. All in all they did a good job. 2 days later a truck picked the animals up and took them home.
 Like most cowboys they hauled their horses in a trailer all saddled ready to go.

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