Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Remembering Horses

The other day a great thing happened to me. As I was sitting at our local eating establishment at dinner time with a friend, we were just chit chatting and had just about finished eating when I looked up and saw something from the past.
  Now by the past I mean 40 years  or more. I kept looking and staring. I'm sure you've been there and done that saying to yourself should I or shouldn't I?.  Finally I told my friend "I've got to check out that man sitting over there" and said see you later. As I got closer I just knew I was not mistaken in identity. He looked up with that crooked smile, that I remembered so well. I said, Alvy how you been? We shook hands and started talking,  just as if we saw each other daily.
 Way back when, both of our families had shown our Pinto horses in a lot of different show rings throughout the Midwest. He and his wife had 3 children. A teen age girl about 13 or 14 and 2 boys youngest 8 or 9 and the oldest a teenager.
 Our 2 daughters were about 5-7 so it was a pretty close knit group as we laughed and cried and had just plain good times, regardless of the weather. Horse shows are either dry and dusty or wet and muddy. Horses to be shown were supposed to be neatly trimmed and clean. Sometimes they weren't but then neither were we on a rainy weekend. And everybody chipped in and helped one another whether it was for a horse, a person, car trailer, truck, horseshoeing, baby sitting
 We didn't have a camper at first. We had a pickup and a stock trailer that would haul 4 horses. We slept in the bed of the pickup or in the horse trailer, after we cleaned it out, the second year we had a topper for most of the summer until some how we got a brand new 8 foot slide in pickup camper. We were, as they say, in hog heaven. 
 Alvy's family were into contesting events and their daughter was usually very high in the point standings at the end of the year as was their youngest son. They were good and great competitors
 Our girls with their mother showed in the halter classes and then the oldest one started showing in the costume classes. Costume was judged on horsemanship as well as costumes and as far as I know we all enjoyed it greatly.
This shows me with the youngest daughter, Kris, in the Tiny Tots Class. Me swatting a bug. This class was added because there was just nothing for the youngest ones to do.
 Meals were shared all around as we laughed and sat around the campfires talking about how good we all were, using what bragging rights we had. 
Kitt, oldest daughter, at about 6 yrs of age on her pony Bird at home. 

There was never any alcohol at these events and as far as I knew there never was any hanky-panky going on between the adults, we just didn't have time for any of that.
 Like most of events it was a full day from about 6 or 7 AM till dark if there were no arena lights. Everybody turned in quite early after the stock was taken care of. To get the horses and riders ready in the morning we had to start at about 6 AM for the first class usually about 9 AM and do it all over again.
Me on my Star horse about 1968. A few pounds ago. This was taken at home.

Kitt at about 6 yrs riding dad's horse. Big shot wasn't she.

If we find anymore pictures I'll add them to this post. This is the only Pinto horse pictures that I could find so far. How come we cannot find anymore pictures? It has only been 40 some years ago. ha-ha

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