Saturday, April 19, 2014

Interesting interlude with a, man, dog & moose

Interesting interlude with a, man, dog and a moose

One day while patrolling and getting ready to go to the uppermost part of Tex Creek WMA (where you can see the Teton's) I ran across a neighbor. We'd become pretty good friends through the summer and tried to work together as he was caretaker for the PAINTED PORCH RANCH which borders part of the WMA. Walt was on his ATV and his dog Tiny was riding with him. We were on the road just talking when I said "don't move, there is a moose behind you".

He said I don't have my camera, I said I do.

I believe on this picture the cow moose was maybe 100 to 150 feet from us, no more.
 As we talked the moose just moseyed around grazing.

 Moose do not have any natural enemies other than wolves and bears. This girl was not afraid of us in any way maybe if we'd let the dogs loose and they barked she might move on.

 You can see where she is standing it is a little damper there. At one time there was water running through there. There are even old beaver dams in various places along the old river bed.

Then she was gone as fast as she showed up she disappeared. None of the pictures are what you call spectacular but to us it was a once in a lifetime experience.
This was all unplanned, of course and I was lucky enough to have my little Canon Camera with me. Just one of the unplanned events in life.
One of the reasons we loved Tex Creek!

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