Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter (Resurrection Day) 2014

Sunday April 20, 2014

This flower took me by surprise, especially for the different colors
The lowly Prickly Pear we found one Easter Weekend in West Texas.

 Easter is a special time of the year. Actually, to me, even more important than Christmas. Christmas of course is when we celebrate Christ's birth. He is the man that is/was known by many names. The man who has had more words written, songs sung than any other person in history.
 EASTER, or as my buddy Dan says "RESURRECTION DAY". That date probably made the biggest change in the world ever.  That is when Jesus Christ arose from the dead, after 3 days. The whole story of that is true unadulterated love by our GOD. We celebrate it with special "Sonrise Services" along with a special breakfast at most Christian Churches in the world. Afternoon on Easter our families celebrate with the traditional dinner and maybe an Easter Egg hunt for the youngsters and also some adults, LOL.
 This Easter was special for some of us because first a new Great Grandson,
Jackson Latsch w/mother Jacquie he is almost as good looking as his great grandfather, Don't you think?

for me, was there for his first Easter and the celebration was held in Phillip and Judith's (grandson Phillip and wife Judith) beautiful new home. Unlike his great grandfather Jackson smiled almost the whole time.
 A home in the woods with a beautiful view, overlooking a creek just down the hill and out front a few acres of scattered oaks with lots of grasses for the deer, turkey and other animals to eat as we mortals can view them. 
 A loft up off of the living (great) room with a two bedrooms, bath and one of the bedrooms converted into a workshop for Judith to create some of her beautiful flies for fishing. As she works her view is overlooking the woods and the creek where I think she even has names for the squirrels that are running about. It is an idyllic location almost like out of a story book. She is gifted in the many colors and ideas she has for her hobby. Of course her job/degree in computer graphics I'm sure comes into play.
 Her husband Phillip works for the DNR doing various PR work at different state parks and is a pretty good photographer also. Alas we do not have any pictures of this home. When I get them I will add them.
 The women were busy either getting the food ready or holding Jackson. When it was all ready my daughter Kitt got us all in a circle in the living room and I prayed as we all held hands, thanking God for His Son and the resurrection.
I stood there with abated breath as Dee (daughters mother in law) tipped up the roaster WITH THE HAM IN IT to make the gravy. She did it as only a woman with many years of experience and a little good luck could do!!

As soon as the gravy was made there was a stampede to the kitchen. Notice where all of the "skinny" ones were. I already had mine, LOL

Jackson was happy with all of the activity and different people holding him. Do you think it is because of my size Kathy won't let me sit on her lap? 

 Something about a good laugh, makes you feel better. Besides sitting next to Marty (Kaitlin's boy friend) I have to behave.

Judith the powerful 5ft tall mistress of the house. Checking the silverware. 

Phillip 6ft 3in (I think) that the little 5 ft wife controls. Agreat pair that are really suited to one another. 

Kaitlin granddaughter and Marty is her body guard.

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Great story, Dad! Love you, Kitt.