Monday, March 24, 2014


 After months of making excuses to myself I have decided to make this my last post on this blog. After so many years of doing it (about 15) I just can't seem to find anything to write about, that I haven't already. I've tried dressing up some of the past posts BUT it just doesn't cut it.
 Psychologically the last 2 or 3 months have been hard on me and this darn winter  has not helped.
  The great days when we were RVing are gone and will never return. As you all know WE CAN NEVER GO BACK.
 I've tried to bring up some of our adventures but when I get to looking I found out I was repeating almost word for word what I wrote so many years ago. 
  As we age our views change drastically and all of a sudden you realize your forefathers were right, we were really screwing up, big time.
 Summertime will now be, for me, a time to maybe just scoot around and look for some new adventures. Technology has changed so much that I'd like to dabble a bit more into photography, just bits and pieces and maybe a few words about what the picture is. BUT a good picture is self explanatory, just like a good song.
 I've been trying to stay away from my rants and raves but it is hard and basically nobody under 40 years old gives a rip anyway.
  I often thought old age would be sitting in a rocker with a good woman at your side and a nice dog at  your feet but God does have some different ideas it seems.
  To all of you that have encouraged me through the years I sincerely thank you.
 A special thanks to my family for being there and to so many readers that have been part of the story including but not limited to- - -
 Plumbob, Chuck, Rolfe, Mae, Del, Jim, Dick an Gloria, Mingo, Norma, John (Powder John), Linda, Ken an Betty, Gomer, Paul, Mom, Sally that have all passed on and to so many others (you are one of them) still living. All in all many hundreds of readers, friends, relatives.
  And to all of the different states that we were in and so many families that were gracious enough to show us so many wonderful sights and also great food and sustenance for really great stories.
  I'll leave the blog up and I'll keep the e-mail open, Just in case.

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