Tuesday, March 18, 2014

LA-LA LAND...........ing

The ongoing saga of life continues on in la-la land, for me. Or in other words "getting olde is for the BIRDS" 
  This morning the sun is shining bright and the temperature was abut 26 degrees, no wind. Beautifully quiet as my dawg and I started our morning walk. Now our walks  have been abbreviated this winter because of WINTER. Hard to believe isn't it, that I let winter beat me. (The same guy that drove trucks for so many years across country, 15 plus years of owning tow trucks and making some money in the snow an ice storms and loving most of it). When winter hit this last fall, I think, it came with a fury just like it used to. Snow,LOTS..  of snow, cold LOTS of cold and did I mention snow. Along with all of that was the wind. I don't remember the wind being daily but then again I was busy working etc.
 Arctic clothing, yes ARCTIC, left over from tow truck days. Sturdy Carhart's. They are nice when you're rolling around in the snow trying to retrieve autos or doing some repairs outside. Back to walking- - -even with a ski mask, insulated underwear and the Arctic Carhart's it was miserable most days. With the temperature and the wind-chill in the sub zeros any exposed skin would freeze quite suddenly. So we did not do much walking at all!
  Snow this winter was persistent, to say the least, accumulating to a STEADY 3 or 4 feet out in the fields. Light fluffy stuff and getting at least 3 or 4 inches daily, or nightly. It would settle down of course but we ended up with a total of at least 130 to 140 in of snow and it is not spring yet.
 The snow was shoveled off my roof twice, lost the roof on my storage shed, to ice. Large chunks of ice came of the roof of my mobile home and slid down the pile of snow from roof shoveling  and slid into and wiped out about 10 feet of skirting. I tried shoveling but there was so much ice and stuff from the roof that even with an ax I couldn't move much. So I bought a cheap tarp and screwed it into place to help keep the wind and critters out from beneath the trailer. 
  So though the winter has been snowy and cold life has been going on. In the last week to 10 days the temperature has even went into the high 30's during the day. BUT zero or colder some nights. Which is a good thing as it slowed down the melting and let the ground soak in some of the water.  I would say right now there is about a foot of snow,on the average in the fields.
  Where oh where did I find more snow. Today I started walking the fields today out behind where my step daughter Lisa and her husband Joe live, in the summer. With all of the heating and cooling the snow has a crust on it and in the morning you can walk on top of it.  Rosie (dawg) was enjoying herself  so much I  thought she might have a heart attack. She was on the alert for Mice and/or Shrews. Me, I was walking out around the north side of their woodlot thinking about all of my blessings and being able to walk quite comfortably again. Just wearing jeans, a flannel shirt and boots with my winter coat and hat. Walking around to the East side of the woodlot I was looking at all of the tracks of various animals just scratched into the surface of the snow. Even deer were able to walk on top of the crust. I continued on and walking along the South edge of the wood lot enjoying nature at its fullest. OOPS!!!!!! What Happened? My left foot went through the crust and never did hit solid ground and I mean NEVER DID. My left leg was straight down and when I put down my left hand of course there was nothing solid. Also it put my body into what you might call a modified split. I was laying there chuckling to myself and saying (I really did say this) am I going to die here? I felt a lot like what a walrus looks like when he is out of the water, helpless. My right shoulder is almost useless, my right ankle is still sore from breaking it last fall. About that time Rose (dawg) came up and thought I wanted to play with her. I said NO LASSIE get help! She understood no. She went back looking for mice in the snow.
  As I laid there I retrieved my leg up out of the bottomless snow and tried to get up. NOPE that didn't work. So I laid there got the snow out from around my neck and out o my left sleeve of my coat, and looked around I could not believe what I saw. I was on top of at least a 6 foot snowdrift that continued on for at least another 25 or 30 yards before it tapered down to the rest of the snow level. I was amazed that I hadn't seen it before I walked onto it. Being on the North side of the woodlot it did not get the afternoon sun, to speak of. So there wasn't much of a crust. Well I rolled, yep rolled back from whence I had come about 10 feet. I stood up with no problem and walked back the direction from which I'd come. Laughing at my foolishness but thanking my Lord for waking me up and reminding me to keep my eyes open. 
 Just another day in this adventure they call, OLDE AGE! 

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