Saturday, March 1, 2014

  It is sort of a melancholy night as I sit here in my recliner and reading some other peoples blogs, which of course bring some fond memories to mind.
 One I was reading was Pioneer Woman, who also has a show on the cooking channel. She and her husband have a cow calf operation with a contract with BLM to take care of some wild mustangs, if I remember right 3400 of them. The whole blog is written with great photos, humor and here
  This winter has been a doozey, as far as winters go. For instance this AM it was, according to my expensive, I/O thermometer was a low of 19 below zero. At 8 AM it had warmed up to 1 below and about 9 AM it was all he way up to five. Later on this afternoon the temp went up to 18 which was 37 degrees warmer. Another day with no school as they were afraid nobody had warm enough clothing, I guess, or  maybe the buses wouldn't start.
 This winter has been a long one in that it has been winter since I don't know when.  We've had 120 to 130 inches of snow and with out a break to speak of. I've had the snow pulled off of my roof once and then a couple of weeks ago I had it shoveled off. I would say most of the time we've had at least 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground at any one time. 

I did see this Cardinal and it sort of made me wonder what it means?

It had warmed up several times and the snowflakes turned into mist which in time puts a glaze on the snow. AND then when the temp got back up above freezing the snow started melting on the roads but a big deep freeze came along and turned it into ice which really messed things up. But thankfully we didn't lose power and so most of us were still comfortable. Then we had winds this week we had one long day of sustained 25 to 30 mph winds with gusts up 45 to 50 mph and of course drifting snow. 
 The day after I had the snow shoveled off the roof a large chunk of ice came down on my new shed and caved the roof in. My granddaughter and her boyfriend came up and helped get the roof raised and things straightened  up inside for a temporary fix. Insurance will cover the building and some of the stuff inside and we will settle up with them when some of snow melts. There is still at least 3 ft of snow around the building.

See the sag in the roof? it went down another 2 or 3 feet before the day was over. I stood on the snow & ice on the walk and reached down to shovel it out

Notice the snow an ice on the walk from the roof. I'd shoveled that all out the day before, after the roof was shoveled off. Around on the other side the snow was/is at least 3 ft deep. I left the snow on this walk above to help keep the wall from popping out. And of course it has snowed some since then so there is more snow now.
  Like most of the people around here I'm ready for some sunshine and some warmer weather. Old people get real crotchety, when they can't walk outside without afraid of falling it tells on them, I know! 
 The other day when the wind was in the 30 mph range with gust  of upwards to heaven know where (50 to 55 mph) I took the dog over to Joe an Lisa's to make sure everything was okay.
 I left the car in the picture here so you could see how high the snow is piled along the edges of the drive. The owners happen to be in the Valley in Texas, roughing it out with some sub 50 degree weather.

 Of course what does not show here is the large patches of ice under the snow. The next day with the high wind some of the patches were completely bare of snow. Rose (dawg) went running out on a large patch in the wind was completely out of control for a good 20 feet, before she got back into the snow. I laughed and she look bewildered.
 Below is the entrance to their driveway after Lonnie had widened it out before the "big blow". Using a lg loader 5 1/2 yard bucket (I believe) with a snow pusher blade it almost looked like a war zone.  Their drive is about 200 yds long.      

  With all of the snow, ice, wind and bitter cold I haven't been getting my morning walks in and it sure tells on an old man. Even with Arctic Carharts with a hood, stocking cap, ski mask, great gloves, insulated boots with wool socks it is bitterly cold. The snow is crusty with several crusts and then lots of snowdrifts so I don't even try walking out in it. The deer are are not in our area right now they are yarded up a little ways away. The rabbits have now become active and are busily looking for food. Just seeing a few birds and then not too many of them either
 Even the dog is slowing down and I'm sure she'd like to walk on warmer ground again, without the ice crystals getting between her toes and her trying to limp along on 2 or 3 feet.
 When we get home in the mornings, she doesn't even argue about wanting to come inside.
Thankfully we have heat and a comfortable place to call home.

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