Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

  Today just happens to be the first day of the rest of my life!

good or bad it is going to be!
 It was a great morning at a crisp 2 degrees when Rosie  and I went for our walk, I should say abbreviated walk.  There was no argument from Rose.. She was ready for some heat, just as I was.
Back home, I got into some indoor clothes, fed Rose and made some coffee, opened up the puter to check e-mail, obits and other trivia. The phone rang and my buddy Gordy called from Texas, Matador, TX to be exact. He was bemoaning the fact it was only 57 yesterday and I said 17 was my high temp for the day. He soon calmed down and we talked for quite awhile. As I was doing some puter stuff the phone rang again.
 I said hello 2 or 3 times before somebody answered, just sobbing into the phone. I didn't really recognize the caller ID(but it was out of state) and I said I'm here how can I help? Finally a different voice came on and I again said this is Darrell, who is this? Finally a halting voice came on explaining who she was. And soon her father came on and I recognized his voice instantly. A friend that Sally and I had met when we were RVing, out West. We met so many nice people.
 He said I've got some bad news, are you sitting down?
 His daughter Ann (not her real name) was a very young girl of a about 6 or 7 when we (Sally an I) met her. Her dad was in the service, her mom was working and her older sis, about 10 yrs older, was not interested in baby sitting. Ann adopted us. Or maybe we adopted her, not sure which but we all hit it off very good. Sally didn't make a move without seeing, if Ann was ready and/or able  to go, and I know for a fact they had a lot of "girly type" talks. I'd laugh as Sally would tell me some of the question Ann would ask.
 The few months we were together worked out to be just the right length of time, as her dad retired from the service and had been home a couple of weeks, just as we were finalizing our move out of that park. A lot of tears were shed by all of us as we left, with the promise that we would return. Like a lot of promises we  were never to see them again. A card once in awhile, a phone call and just lately Facebook. Ann had become a beautiful 17 almost 18 yr old Sr in high school, honor student, singer in school as well as her church choir and she loved her horse and was a very accomplished rider, English as well as Western.
  Last night New Years Eve 2013/14 her family got the call nobody wants. She and a girl friend were killed instantly in a head on collision with a drunk driver who crossed the center line as they were headed home.
 The family will survive because of their faith in Jesus and the fact that Ann was a Christian, they will see her again.
 He had called because Ann was all excited that we'd made contact on Facebook. We talked on for awhile and I told him how Ann had come into our life at the right time. As we were still grieving the loss of Sally's son Greg.
  How devastating is losing a child ? A piece of your heart is wrenched away, it does not feel good. I know of 2 families that the mothers could not go to the funeral. To me that could show a lack of faith.
How could God let this happen? You must remember Satan is at work all of the time. I honestly believe that the answer is in the scheme of things. Someday if you believe, you might even have the chance to ask God WHY? Do you think you'll have a lot of questions? I used to think so but now after 75 years of observing and seeing the way things have worked out, almost always for the better. No matter how bad it seemed at the time.
You will never  get that piece of heart back, here on earth, but you have the PROMISE knowing you'll see them again!
 Someday I might put the names of the people in the blog but right now they need to grieve and their privacy.

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