Saturday, December 14, 2013

MIRACULOUS, for sure

Today, I'm going to write about a miraculous recovery in my life. Yesterday I gave you two about driving. TODAY


 About 10 years ago my wife (Sally) and I were running a large campground at Croton MI. If I remember it had 200 sites NO full hook-ups, tent sites as well as RV's. Seasonal and daily campers, plus it had a boat launch and docks for the seasonal campers, so there was always something to do.
 It was a nice campground EXCEPT,  that we were hired as managers and only micro-managing it. The self professed manager was the township supervisor. He wore that badge like a Marshall of the old west. He'd go up and tell people he was the township supervisor and they'd just DUH. They were from the big town and didn't even know what a township was let alone him being the supervisor, if you know what I mean?
 We'd brought in some fresh new ideas how to increase the net income and closing some loop-holes that were costing them money.
  The 4th of July weekend was coming up the next week and we were getting geared up for the influx of people we'd get that weekend.
 It was evening about 6 or 7 o clock and we were sitting at the picnic table just talking about the events when Mr Supervisor came in with new rules and regulations that were to take effect immediately.
 Sally was really agitated over it and I was a LITTLE upset, also. I looked over at Sally and she was just sitting there with a blank look on her face. I knew instantly she was having a stroke! I took her inside and gave her a couple of aspirins. I asked the girl in the office to call 911 and she said "I've never done that before". I said well "you'll never do it any younger".
 (Later on that comment was brought up against me in an evaluation). As we waited for the ambulance I was trying to get a hold of her 2 daughters and finally got a hold of one.
 Upon checking on Sally it looked she was coming out of the stroke, more or less and I was hoping that it was a false alarm.
 By the time the ambulance and first responder arrived she was back in her stroke mode.
 A couple of the seasonal campers came in and asked if there was anything they could do, which was very nice of them. It took me about 15 minutes after the ambulance left, to secure the money and etc. I then went to the hospital.
 On the way there I had a heart to heart conversation with the GREAT PHYSICIAN. I told Him whatever he wanted me to do I would.
  Then in the few minutes it took me to drive into Fremont I got to thinking, what a time for this to happen. Normally we'd be a much as 2000 mi away from home instead of 30 mi. NO I do not think it was a coincidence that we were this close to home. No I do not think it was a coincidence that this stroke had happened, here and now.
  Several years earlier she'd had a very light stroke and was told  several things to do. Quit smoking was one of them, of course she did not. By the time I got to the hospital her 2 daughters and I think one of mine was there. Also one of the nurses/admittance was one of Sally's grandson's wife. About all I do remember it was late when I got  back to the campground and all of the bookwork done.
 I went to the hospital first thing in the morning and there was now foreseeable change in her prognosis.It was early afternoon when I got back to the hospital. The girls were giving me up dates all day long and things did not look too favorable, at all. The hospital had faxed me a bunch of papers to fill out so that Sally could to go to Mary Freebed or wherever. I stopped at the desk and the woman looked at the papers said this and that had to be filled out, completely. I tried to tell the woman I could hardly remember my own birthday but, she said GET IT! I said OK I'll get the info from the girls they are upstairs.
 I remember going up and meeting one of Sally's life-long friends, Jan. She and her husband were coming down the hall and she had tears in her eyes etc. I continued on and in her room there was laughing and crying from the girls and I could see great improvement in Sally's face. Gone was the drooping on the one side and her eyes were working together. The Dr was in there and started to ask me questions of WHY?
 Why had I given her 2 aspirin instead of 1 and all of the other stuff. I said I knew 1 aspirin would help dilate  blood vessels and maybe 2 would be better. He said,"you might be right".
  He said SHE CAN GO HOME!!! I could not believe it. In the space of maybe 15 or 20 minutes I'd gone from despair to jubilation.
 The girls asked what all the paperwork was for and I said so  their mom could go to Mary Freebed or wherever. Sally had been quiet all the time and she said loudly, I'm going home.
 The Dr. looked at me smiled shook hands and said it is now out of my hands, or something like that. 
 We left the Croton Campground for obvious reasons and spent the rest of the summer parked in one of the daughters property. More than once sally would tell me "I know I smoked but I don't even have the inclination to do so now!
 Then when winter came we went out looking for another camp ground. All the while her short term memory improved. 
 I believe that Sally and I had almost another 6 years together
before she succumbed to cancer (lung an cervix).
 When she'd become so weak that she could do nothing but talk, we would talk. Some of our most heart felt discussions were in those last days. We spent hours going over what she wanted for her memorial. Sometimes with great laughter as she'd say "I'd like sit up and look at everybody".
 Her last day was with grandchildren coming and going and then the last 2 grandsons whom she hadn't seen in awhile. I tried to tell them she could hear them.  Just talk to her, tell her you are here. Not more than 1/2 hour later she was gone!
 That folks is the culmination of the # 3 miracle over the space of 5 years.
 God  is   Good!


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