Monday, December 2, 2013

  It has been a very interesting week for me, to say the least. About 10 days ago it started snowing, light fluffy Currier an Ives stuff. 2 maybe 3 inches each night. Driveway needed shoveling. Not very big deal as I have a small driveway.  
 Some of you know that I've been using 1 crutch while waiting for my fibula to heal from my excursion in the sand with "Lil Dahlin".
  One of the first things I had to do was put on my leather lace-up boots. I hadn't even tried to do that since that Sept. day, when I managed to get the boot off of my swollen ankle etc. It was a struggle to pull the right boot on as it did hurt a LITTLE, LOL!  I succeeded after a long five minute struggle, sweating profusely as I finally was able to lace up that boot.
 I stepped outside enjoying the crisp air and the beauty of the new fallen snow. Using my crutch for support, after navigating the 3 steps down and of course it slipped. I just knew that was going to happen. So I said darn it all (I really did), I can do this  without this crutch if, I lean on the snow shovel. That lasted all of 2 or 3 seconds. So I pretended I was OK (physically- mentally, there is no sense of even pretending)) even though there was a little pain I managed to get the 15 minute job done in only about 45 minutes. That including neighbors who came out to watch. One even brought his snow blower but didn't offer to use it (I'll get even with him someday, ha-ha). Each one of them telling me I should not be doing this but of course nobody offered.
 Over all it did go over quite well. The only time my ankle hurt was when my heart beat, but I did survive it amazingly unhurt.
  Thanksgiving I was invited over to my daughters house to eat. I don't think I ever refused a meal, so I went. I told her I'd bring a pie or two, of some kind and desert nachos. 
 What an experience that was. I have a pretty nice kitchen but am short on baking and mixing utensils and PATIENCE!
 I had written down some recipes for some pies that I thought I'd like sometime. Peanut-butter and banana split pies. I knew they were sort of summer time but what the heck when you're old you can get away with some things.
 I checked and I had everything I needed except the bananas, tortilla chips and graham crackers for the crust so I bought 4 pre-made crusts. I thought 2 would be for the future, laughing. 
 I noticed right away I could not read some of my writing so I went to the puter and started looking an looking and found them. So I printed them out, I could read that.
 Peanut butter, cool-whip, cream cheese and what ever else it took and mixed it all up as stated and 2 my surprise. So I had 2 of each of the pies plus I'd made about 3 dozen desert nachos and a blackberry cobbler thing and crescent rolls filled with apple butter.
 I said to myself and the dog laughingly this is almost too much for 8 or 9 people. BUT I took it all and I refused to bring any of it back. However I was persuaded to bring back some ham, turkey, dressing, sweet-potatoes and it was enough for 2 large meals.
 Something about Thanksgiving is special if you can get everybody to slow down and relax.
  Of course it has changed a lot through our lives. From maybe 25 to 30 people eating to not near as many. From the table with several meats a lot of which were pheasant, grouse, rabbit, squirrel, venison. Including turkey which was store bought, back then.
 Then yesterday was another special day! I have a great-granddaughter who has turned into very beautiful (inside an outside) young lady. In fact I think she is prettier than her mom, aunt etc. She is not biologically mine, but is the granddaughter of my stepson, Greg. And if I may be so bold mentally, she is of my blood and flesh. Her grandmother Sally, my wife, was talking about her all the time. (good things)
 I've watched her from afar as I picked up snips and pieces from different relatives and friends. I have gotten to watch her as a great softball player and volleyball. Now she does live 50 to 60 miles away so I do not get to see her very often.
 Lexi it has been my privilege to not only pray for you but to watch you mature and I hope you continue on to your vision of greatness not only in softball but in your future life.
 Grandpa Darrell

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