Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Program 2013

Last night was our Christmas potluck and program at the little church I go to. We had a real good turn out and of course there was considerable edible food stuffs on the tables. Of which I was forced to partake of. Not once did I return to the table BUT 3 times. The good food and fellowship made up for the experience of my offering for the festivities did not turn out. 
 Crock pot Mac an Cheese, very simple and very good on a cold snowy evening. Evidently my current consuming crock pot thermostat is off (farther than I am). Starting out with raw macaroni and adding the special expensive cheese that I had bought, setting the timer  and waiting for it to do it's magic. Mean while making some Desert Nachos and having trouble melting the chocolate. I always have trouble with it but I keep trying. Without a double boiler it is hard to get it just right, in the microwave. My home-made double boiler did not work  so I said*(*&^* well I'll go to plan B. So I melted some more peanut butter and then stirred in some choc chips and of course that melted them but it also gives it the same texture as Reese's Peanut Butter cups. It is ok but if you do it separate the palate picks out the different flavors and to me is more enjoyable.  So I put the mixture on the tortilla chips, put on the marshmallows and flakes of coconut. Then into the broiler for a few minutes to melt the marshmallows and brown the coconut and then take them out to cool  and turned on the TV to watch the Detroit Lions in the snow. Promptly fell asleep! When I woke up the game was over and I didn't find out they lost for another 3 or 4 hours.
  The aroma of Macaroni and cheese permeated the house and I looked at the timer and it said 15 minutes left. Took off the lid  AND BULL PUCKEY!!! It was overdone harder, or as hard as the crock it was in, except for the center. This is the second time it has done this too me. First time it  did it I laughed. 3 or 4 other times it has worked great. Same ingredients same crock pot. So I figure that it is overheating and/or the timer is way off. It will be BON-VOYAGE for it come garbage pick up day.
 Thankfully enough people made fantastic food and we had a great program that I thought was pretty good.
 Singing, laughing, tears, questions, kids running around all wound up on sugar and of course they were thinking of Santa.
   Today is the day I thought I'd try and reboot one of my laptops. I suppose it is at least 10 years old and a LITTLE obsolete. It has just had some issues that we cannot get rid of so I thought I'd get a set of recovery discs from Lenovo "Think Pad" (they bought out IBM). Gee they were not hard to get at all. $45.00 and they sent new ones. 8 discs and what a fiasco I'm having.
 They do have live people to talk to, which is really a novelty nowadays. They are nice enough and really seem to want to help but you can tell somebody is watching over them. First they tell me it is out of warranty, DUH. And because it is out of warranty they cannot spend a lot of time on it. Then they want the serial number, original purchaser, who shipped it (not really, just serial number) and why do I want to reboot it?
 The discs came with very explicit instructions, that even a demented elderly citizen can understand, most of the time.
 BUT I cannot get past step 5.
  They do suggest I get a new one and they are just over a $1000.00. I tell them that because I spent a huge amount of money on hospitals, Dr.s and living I cannot buy a new one.
 Today I've now been playing around with and getting no results on the computer. It is too late in the day to call them now so I'll call them in the AM, if I remember. 

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