Sunday, December 29, 2013

A friends miracle


I have a friend, in Florida, that has MS, a beautiful lady with a beautiful smile. She is basically bed-ridden but has such an infectious smile, that a lot of mornings I just have to look at her, smile. 
 We both graduated from a now defunct school, have never met in person as she was about 10 years behind me, but I hope too, one of these days, soon.

The following is in her own words:

Hello Darrell-actually I had so much going-with a computer that didn't want to co-operate I ended up saving  ur blogs and reading them all at once. Fantastic-we all do seem to have our own special miracles come when really needed. The ones come first and foremost was second-I was in hospital in 2009 and I had pneumonia stemming from what(?) no one could say-cultures were never taken but I had MS since 1980 (29 years) so they said I was dying from MS. I started going Sepsis and called Richard in and told him to make arrangements that I probably wouldn't last another 10 hrs. I heard and understood everything. Next thing I was aware of was being carried-I had no idea where but I knew Jesus had me-carrying me somewhere-and I started pleading to take me with him, I was ready, I was so tired of fighting and all I wanted was to sleep. I have no idea HOW but I understood I HAD to go back-it wasn't time yet. I know I cried- but next I knew I WAS in the hospital-I was rousing-I had ECO LI (took them 10 days to run the simple culture) the correct antibiotics were given for that along with the resulting pneumonia and within hours I had some degree on consciousness again. That would have been the 2nd miracle BUT 
the first I think of was Scamp-my dog-got him in 1995 by summer of 97 I had been bed bound 5 months (again). He was never directly trained-he seemed to be aware automatically what I needed done. He'd go for Richard if I fell and Richard was there-that little guy would be in the house up to 10 hrs without going outside after Richard left for work cause often Richard would be out with deliveries that long. (he drove a lumber truck then). While I was bed fast one night, while Richard was still gone, someone broke in our trailer. The light was on in the very back so he was coming down a dark hallway-Scamp ran him out and far away. These were qtr & half acre lots-he ran him so far I lost sound of his barks.  He had appointed himself my bodyguard and as long as he was alive he was by my side. Truly my gift from God.

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