Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today I was reading a  Mom with a gun  who is a 40 yr old woman with quite an insight into life. She got me to thinking about ME. Me is 75 yrs old (feel it most of the time) that has had a lifetime of experiences that a lot of people will never have and of course some of them never did want it.
 Some of my experiences were weird, some were enlightening, some were life shattering. But I was lucky in that I had God to fall back on. Even though I might  not have thought it at time. My first shocking life altering event came at about 33 or 34 yrs of age. We had a little restaurant and enjoyed it. We'd just bought a little 80 acre farm where we had the horses,kids had steers, chickens, sheep, tractors,implements. A large (very large)house with, if I remember right, had 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 downstairs. It was built of brick, structurally sound. It did not have indoor plumbing. My wife and 2 daughters said there would be, before cold weather. So I got the basics in including hot and cold water in the kitchen. It was not a Home & Garden style bathroom but it had a toilet, tub an shower and a place for washer  and dryer. My wife had a good job working for Bell System in the local office making real good money.
 Then we closed the restaurant and I got a job
Me I was driving truck for a local concern hauling produce to the canneries and etc. Then I got a better job and we hauled salt out of Manistee, MI and Gerber Baby Food out of Fremont. I was gone usually no more than a 2 night per trip so I figured I was home every other day.
 My friend at the time was having domestic problems at home that I knew nothing about BUT my wife did. To make a long story short there was a divorce. Home, farm, animals all went to them because I was a truck driver, the judge said, and was unable to take care of everything.
 After all that happened the trips back to the home area were lackluster unless I got the girls. Of course the kids were in the middle. Life went on there was no more animals to take care of ,no more 4-H meetings, no more listening to the girls as they told about their lives. Only periodic times with the kids and they were short lived as I was renting a 1 room apartment.
 You adjust to your circumstances and I did a lot of adjusting, believe me.
 A couple of years later I a met a woman and we got married. She had a son just graduated from school was doing some college, 2 daughters that were just a couple years older than mine.
 The trips home now were a lot more exciting because there was life when I got home. Her girls played basketball, volleyball and softball interspersed with some boys. My girls also played volleyball and etc BUT, their school was about 12 mi away and in a different league. I know I spent a few sleepless nights as I got to watch them all play and then after heading out to make a delivery in Cincinnati, Louisville, St louis or wherever. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

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