Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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  You know the above song shows happiness and then I immediately ran across this on line where 3 teenage sisters have been held captive in their home (Tuscon area) for at least 2 years and of course in filthy conditions.
  Why do we have all of this EVIL? There is probably no more evil now than there ever was (per capita) in our world. Reporters are looking for anything that is terrible, gruesome or you might say sensationalism at its best.
 What is the story behind the girls captivity? Pure and simple. Evil has always been here but seems to be more prevalent now days because we hear of it regardless of where it is in the world!
 I remember when I was kid, stories like that never hit the newspapers. We had a family in our neighborhood where incest was prevalent for a long time and the mothers of the neighborhood knew it (mothers always seem to know). The perpetrator was taken out into the woods and beaten thouroughly by several fathers of the area., not once but at least twice, if I remember right. After the second time he left his family and they went on (back then) public assistance. And there was a lot of help to that family from the other neighbors. I remember one of the children even made it to college, which was no small feat in the 50's.
  Today this Evil, in Tuscon, will not be addressed the same way. There will be hearings, trials, cps, welfare and well meaning social workers and probably 3 or 4 million dollars will be spent while the trial lawyers get the case ready. Figure it out. Jail is 25 to 30,000 dollars per yr per prisoner.  Judges and many social workers are paid by the counties and or state and then the welfare of the state. Of course nothing can replace the innocence of the children .
 Am I suggesting doing away withthe legal system? YES as it stands today. Our courts are probably some of the best (a couple of bad judges though) in the World. But we have thousands of lawyers protecting the rights of prisoners but, that is another story.
  Also newspapers back then showed terrible auto accidents. A lot of closeups of the victims many still in the autos. Nothing was hidden and never were the readers advised to be careful because you might not like what you see. I remember on head-on collison where  2 or 3 or even more were killed. One of the victims mother knew. She could not get over how bad the head and facial injuries were. She did not recgonize her features at all. BUT I believe it helped to slow some people down.
 Today we are protected (?) from seeing those things. Because of  VICTIMS RIGHTS.
 In Mexico (daily) there are pictures of the killings in the newspapers, whether it be by torture, shooting etc.
 We as Americans have been coddled to long and we become disassociated with all of the mayhem that is going on around us.
 Also we ignore EVIL allaround us. Keep your eyes open, it might a 5 yr old bullying somebody, a domestic squabble between a  man and/or wife. The list goes on & on.

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