Friday, November 22, 2013

Not all nuts walk the streets!

I see the media is telling us to eat nuts as they are healthy for us. I got to laughing , to myself, as I thought "tell me something new!". It is a good thing we are not cannibalistic because most of the news reporters would be CONSUMED, of course you could add politicians, lawyers and the list could go an on.
 We would be cancer and heart attack free! WHAT DO YOU THINK?
  I wonder at times if there is anybody in this world that is sane, besides myself. But then when I'm talking to others I appear the same to them. I'm just another Conservative Christian, pro gun, anti BIG government, family value loving person.
 Getting back to "NUTS" (I never got away from them did I), how many of you did not know nuts were healthy for you? I remember back in school probably well over 65 yrs ago that in the "good" list, nuts were one of them. I realize that was when milk was still MILK, meat from your own beef, pork, chicken was good for you and even your neighbors. That was before the government told you that shelf life for such and such a item was good for only a certain length of time. Many people now days look at the expiration date and if it is close or past, they immediately throw it away. They do not care if it is good or not, just throw it away!
 Milk has so many chemicals in it anymore it does not SOUR.  It does or as a farmer tells me it "coagulates"!  I volunteer on the local food truck and many of the items will have expiration date that are about due.
The biggest giggle I get is COTTAGE CHEESE. People are worried about the DATE, it might sour. No s**** Sherlock! Cottage cheese is sour when it is made. Keep it cold it will not go bad. It might separate, a little but if it is sealed and there is no mold it is still edible. Beef is another one that people don't really understand. Steak, for instance, when you see it in the store all bright red it sure looks good doesn't it? But if it turns a little dark or close to the "sold by" date oh terrible, terrible! When it is turning dark it is "ageing" automatically  tenderizing. 
 Back when there were REAL grocery stores. Now I mean with a butcher shop in it and a real live person that you could talk to, you could get the history, so to speak, on such and such a piece of meat. Today the butcher is almost an endangered species, they have been replaced with "meat cutters". I've noticed that meatcutters are just clerks putting up precut and packaged products . A butcher was a specialist. A real butcher was a man (usually) that could take a live animal, slaughter and process the meat right up to including  cooking it! I worked for a meat outfit (actually 2 of them) when I was about 17 or 18. I worked with real butchers. Their knowledge astounded me as I listened to them as they worked and told me little bits and pieces of the cuts of meat and how it should be cooked and/or how that meat was processed. Several times I went with one of them when they went to a farm to slaughter an animal, usually a cow or steer. As they worked (I also tried to help) I understood how and where a lot of cuts of meat were coming from.
 While we were working outside on cutting, sawing (by hand no power tools were used), the farmers wife and others were grinding, canning, wrapping for freezing, pickling and whatever else that family cared to do, with their meat. After all of that usually we'd eat. If I remember right it took about4 to 6 maybe 7 hours. More often than not a huge meal sometimes just soup or sandwich after we worked all day. Today meat inspectors would probably have instant dysentery to see us working, not too far from the barn usually under a tree, with the wind, rain and bugs. Putting the cut meat usually on a farm wagon that was covered with butcher paper.
 I never considered myself a butcher but I thought I was a good meat cutter but I sure learned a lot that has helped me through life.  One of the greatest was "quartering" a moose click . Never in my life did I ever take a deer to a food processor. I skinned, sawed, cut every bit of that animal myself. And my wife would start canning and/or wrapping for the freezer all of the meat.
 If we ran out of jars, freezer space or whatever and it was cool enough the carcass could be hung in a building where it was protected somewhat from the elements. Did you know that as it would dry out a little on the surface it formed a covering a lot like leather. It might get about 1/8 of an inch thick but it would protect the rest of the meat.
  Back to nuts (you or me).? Now that that the government says they are healthy, there will be a record number of pounds of nuts sold this Christmas Season, the growers will be happy. They are even telling us how many we can or cannot eat. Criminy at the price of nuts who can afford to over eat on them! Walnuts are very reasonable in our neck of the woods. Ask and you can usually get them for free. BUT you have to work for them. You have not lived until you spend an afternoon "hulling" walnuts. Then you get to shell them of course not all of them will be good and must be disposed of. I do know that a bushel of walnuts after they are hulled and shelled is not a very great amount. But when the price in the store is 5 or 6 dollars for a few ounces, it is well worth the time spent. Especially if mama uses them for baking!!!

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