Wednesday, November 6, 2013

 A little story before I show you the facts. I have a friend who lost a buddy of his, in a motorcycle accident. He was shook up, really shook up, and said motorcycles ARE DANGEROUS AND will kill you and he'd never ride one. 3 weeks later a very good friend of his was killed in a auto accident. Her death bothered him but not the cause, auto accidents and death are daily events. I hope you understand why and what I'm trying to tell you in my own little way is,
 DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE BIASED NEWS PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY!  Check it out for yourselves. With a computer it is really quite easy. If I can do it, so can you!!
Our hearts have become hardened about auto, drugs and other deaths. If a person is killed by a drunk driver it makes the news for one millisecond. If it is a gun death, intentional, accidental or whatever it is spread all over the world in the same length of time it has taken me to type this out. Then they shout gun control-gun control. Will it work? Ask a Mexican, Vietnamese, Germans and other countries if gun-control works!
So many stories on the news about guns and how dangerous they are. Are we the public, getting the full picture? I can honestly say I HAVE OWNED A LOT OF GUNS. When I had a gun shop the guns for sale never caused a death or mishap. Because I felt I was responsible if anything happened to anybody when they were mine!!!!!!
 ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and others  are blatantly pro government, anti American and also anti CHRISTIAN repeatedly gives us biased reports on all violence in the US, and also the world.
 For instance today ABC showed their animation of the LAX shooter with the wrong weapon. It shows the shooter with NOW PAY ATTENTION!!! military M16 selective-fire assault rifle and m-203 40mm grenade laucher.

 I am not going to do all nitpicking on the news networks but that is a downright lie and they do it every day and most of you people believe. And because of our general mentality, nationwide, we believe it as all truths.
Lies beget lies. I'm sure most of you know or have known somebody that lied so much, that they even, began to believe everything, they said. Who does that remind you of?

I bet probably none of you know these figures that are all public records and you can look up, for yourselves

Alcohol causes 75000 deaths per year. That statistic is by NBC
 Many of the deaths are by motor vehicles. Do we outlaw motor vehicles, of course not. Are the people that caused the death held accountable? Some are some are not. It depends on locality, race, religion and many other things
 Does alcohol and/or drugs kill people? Not really, of course either can, just like drinking too much water in a given time, can kill you. But the people (government) say OUTLAW this, outlaw that.
Drug overdoses kill 80,000 people per year.
 Drugs are outlawed but who gives a rip anymore? Nobody it seems. I took a picture 2 days in a row of a drug deal in this little town of about 800. I turned it into law enforcement and they said I QUOTE, all of those kids are doing it.The one that they do take in are usually slapped on the wrist because, the jails are over-crowded.

 The Office of the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that one in seven Medicare patients are injured during hospital stays and that adverse events during the course of care contribute to the deaths of 180,000 patients every year
As a group, doctors are 43.2 times more dangerous than gun owners, and undergoing major surgery is 21 times more dangerous than allowing others to own guns.

Read more:
Why are they over loaded? Because to a lot of the culprits it is a lot better than they ever had at home. What ever happened to hard -time, chain gangs are almost non-existent it is to in-humane to make them work. Bull puckey, they say it costs the taxpayers over $20,000.00 a year to house an inmate. That is more than I make! I'd be better off than staying home, free TV, housing, hospitalization, meals, clothing and all of the necessities of life. PUT THEM TO WORK DOING HARD LABOR and lots of it.

So you can see that the death by firearms, accidental, homicide has a much lower total than alcohol and other drugs and even well- meaning health givers.
 I know some of you will come up with some figures completely different than the ones I've given here. Do some checking and then do some more checking then when you are through do some rechecking.
 Surveys can be made to say anything that somebody wants, ask your senator or congressman, chances are they will not believe you because they have their own surveys.

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