Friday, October 4, 2013

Tis the SEASON

 What a terrible time of the year for surgery! Rotater Cuff, done everyday and very inconvenient. I've never done anything the easy way and this isn't any different. Normally the surgery leaves you in a sling tor  3 or 4 weeks but not me. When I awoke  from surgery my elbow was set out at a 90 degree angle from my side. It probably took me a few minutes to realize what the hell had happened. Penny, a lady friend, and Kitt, daughter, were in the room. They told me the prognosis and I was astounded. How was I going to do anything? When you stop and think about it, how does a one armed person wash their hand? How do you do anything? I'm lucky in the fact that I'm left handed, I can wipe my own butt! See I'm thankful
 Bedtime is a fond memory as it is very hard to lay just right on my back and sleep. I passout for about an hour and then because of the pain or whatever I wake up. Arising from bed is another experience. I naturally protect the repaired shoulder and cannot ift myself with it so I'll try and explain how I get up. I'm sure it is funny to watch as it is for me to do. I get myself at an angle on the bed with my feet hanging over raise my knees and feet up and rock myself to an upright position. Usually on the third rock I can sit up. By then I'm dizzy so I have to sit for a few seconds so I can stumble out to the living room to the recliners. Luckily I have 2 of them and one of them is a lift chair which was really handy for the first few days. The other is smaller and the foot rest comes out automatically when I lean back. They both work pretty well and usually I get another 3 or 4 hours sleep in them. 
 This contraption under my right arm pit is about the size of a good size Teddy Bear but not near as soft nor comforting.  An elastic loop is around my left arm/shoulder goes around my back and moulded into this "thing" Another strap is  run around my chest around to the back and into the same area, I think. The strap on my chest is adjustable, somewhat. My arm above the elbow is Velcroed onto this "thing". And it is done in such away as I cannot get at it to "adjust' or release. My forearm is being held by Velcro near the wrist. This is a 24/7 deal and must be  kept as such. For four weeks this sucker is part of me whether I like it or not.
 10 days after surgery the Dr removed the staples and describes how and why it was done this way. The large tendon (the one that lifts your arm straight out  to the side, amongst other things) was torn completely off and had retreated back down into my back or wherever it goes. He dug and pulled it back out and sewed it back in place on the bone. He said it will take the 4 weeks to adhere real well and then we go into a sling and therapy. In the meantime DO NOT REMOVE! under the penalty that all of this is for naught!
  A change of lifestyle for me and the family. I cannot drive because this ( damned) "thing" is to big and cumbersome. But I save on gasoline. My old flannel shirts that I'm wearing now have a big slit up the side so that the shirt can slipped in an around this "thing". The right arm has been removed except for a flap that can lay on top, for a little warmth. The whole shirt contraption is drafty, unhandy and gives me something to do for a half hour in the morning to install.  Gone are the bluejeans, Sweatpants which I've always detested seeing on people, are the norm for me, now. I even laugh at myself as these sweatpants look they've been screwed on instead of pulled up, I remember straightening up the kids clothes though there is nobody here to laugh or help me except the dog. Even she has heard some new language lately. Socks though very comfortable and warm cannot hardly be put on by a one armed fat man. I always thought I was pretty good at hitting my target with a rifle, bow, slingshot or whatever. Now I miss my foot, LOL. 
  Now going outside is another adventure. The best thing we've come up with so far is an old blanket with a hole cut in the center to put my head through. (At times I think it is one of my old horse blankets from another life). I never knew blankets were so heavy and they're not for walking while it is trying to rain.
 Tonight, Kitt is supposed to bring back a coat with an addition to it so that maybe I can go out and walk the dog with it on. My biggest problem going outside is all of the drafts. Basically my right side is open (being held together somewhat with Velcro. I'm praying it'll work as I miss my daily walk with the dog out in the fields. Kitt has been coming up every evening to take the dog and let her run and I appreciate that but it is almost and extra 50 miles for her to drive.

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