Friday, October 4, 2013

One of those days

 I try to be optimistic in all things throughout the years and find that there is  humor in almost everything, regardless of how sad the occasion is.
 We have all lost a loved one, whether it be a sibling, child, parent spouse or even a close friend. And all of you should be able to relate to this song. Even though I can no longer sing because of my hearing I still listen to a lot of music, I mean a lot of music including a little classical, tradiional country, 50's and a LOT of Southern Gospel.
 Sally an I were lucky enough to go to the National Quartet Convention for several yeas. We met a lot of singers and producers and a lot of wannabes, like us.
 We met Karen Peck soon after her dad Rex Nelon (Nelon's) had passed on and she was in the process of making a big decision in her professional life to go on without dad. This lady was very gracious and her heart was open to all of the condolences she was receiving. She has done ok with her group Karn Peck an New River but she hadn't gotten my attention until I heard this song a month or so ago. It is  not a really new song but it is her rendition and I really liked it.
 The title "Hold Me While I Cry". Listen to the words I believe you can relate to them. I sure can.
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