Friday, October 4, 2013

Here I am looking for anti depressant foods and I find out I've been eating them. Isn't that great!
 Am I depressed? I think so. No money, just enough to pay the bills and not a cent left over. A 1/4 tank of gas left in my pickup, will it last another 22 days? Will the Government make another adjustment on my SS.? The bastards keep taking a little here and a little there and now I have even less to live on. Then there is inflation. Coffee is up almost 35% in the last 12 months. Gasoline is rediculously high, we've been over the national average here in Hesperia forever, it seems.
  The only thing staying the same right now is the Senior Dine program out of Muskegon. Hopefully it'll last as for me it is cheaper than buying food. A healthy meal with coffee or tea for only $3.00, Throw in a buck for a tip and it is cheaper than even driving to the store to buy groceries, especially on Tuesdays when they give seniors 5% off, even on sale stuff. As long as they keep the family packs of chicken thighs and/or drumsticks down to $.79 a pound in a ten pound bag I CAN AFFORD THAT. And I like baked chicken. It's a good thing. On senior dine they have quite a selection and I usually have turkey chef salad, wet burrito (chicken) or a western omelet. Thursdays they have a 6 oz steak dinner with baked or mashed, boccoli or corn, roll, salad and coffee. Needless to say that is my BEEF NIGHT! Sometimes after church a few of us go and have their swiss steak special and it is good. Especially with the fellowship. Laughter makes everything taste better.
  Every 2 weeks our church helps sponsor a "Feeding America" Truck. It is 10,000 pounds of food including but not limited to fresh produce, juices, soups, breads, cakes, fruits and canned goods. I volunteer for that and I also pick up for 4 families.
 The only requirement is to show up and sign in. You are not forced into taking anything. The last truck had for each family (we had a 124 families) 20# of very good Russet potatoes, 5# of banana peppers, 2-12 packs of diet mtn dew, Light yogurt w/ pineapple and each family got 2 cases(of 12), balsamic vinegar some in bags some in bottles, individual ranch dressing dip, assorted fruit flavored toppings (gal size), some cakes and rolls and some other odds and ends. Not too bad for free to the people. With help from the Tru North Foundation we pay only $800.00 for that truck load of food. Different churches and organizations help and it is organized chaos for about 3 hours but there is is lot of smiles and laughter during the chaos.
 All of the food on the truck must be given away. So some families stay and at a certain time they are allowed to go through the line again until everything is gone.
 Feeding America also helps in our local food pantry located in one of the churches. You can find them at
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