Saturday, October 5, 2013


 I've got a friend in Florida but, I've never met her. She has the most infectious smile that I've ever seen in an adult. She has many physical problems and one is MS. This post is to Patt and may she keep her smile and beauty which are both more than skin deep.
 She said get me some pictures of the fall colors. I don't get to see them anymore. I says with a lot of bravado sure no poblem!
 Patt here are a few and of course there is a story that goes with them.
Last Tues was a clear fall day and I decided to get some pictures for the blog. It was in the 60's nice and cool. So I get "LIL Dahlin" out of the shed out in the sunshine to stretch her out a little. Again I checked her vital fluids and all were OK. I put on my lace up style boots, put on my armored jacket, full face helmet, gloves, sunglasses, hung the camera and started out on a very eventful trip. I went East and North of Beautiful Downtown Hespokey popped up over the first hill and said wow! look at that Maple tree. All of the leaves were 1/2 green and 1/2 yellow. No picture WHY? Semis, we never have truck traffic on these county roads except in harvest season. And it is harvest time, as they were loaded to the gills with Butternut Squash. There was no shoulder or driveway to park on so I could not get a picture. Talking to nobody in particular I said there will be more. As I went north I kept checking the  trees that line the pastures and farmers fields. NO COLOR TO SPEAK OF. I said wow this ain't good! After going 10 mi I went West and there was a field of pumpkins that they were getting ready to harvest.
It wasn't a real big field maybe 40 or 50 acres but the  color of the Orange pumpkins sure showed up in the fields. See how they are lined up in rows. They use a A frame that they push ahead of the tractor and it rolls the pumpkins into more or less straight lines and then they use mounted conveyors to load them into the trucks

I thought now how much more FALL can you get than pumpkins. So I continued on and swung south then west. As I passed a little cemetery (Volney Cemetery) I thought I'd pull in there. It sets on the edge of a large swampy (northern) type lake and there might be some color on the other side of the hill. There was not any color except for the flowers on various graves. As I pulled out making sure there was no traffic I hit a patch of sand, sand box style sand. Needless to say I dumped "Lil Dahlin" over on the right side. Now this is going at the high rate of speed of maybe 1 or 2 mph. And in my mind it was slow motion. I stuck out my right leg (really a no-no) and of course my boot caught in the sand and the 400 # scooter came down trying very diligently to force my toes to the rear, while I was still facing forward. As I fell and Dahlin tipped all I could do was say O Lord, I did not have time to say anything else. At the last second the body of the scooter hit the sand and took the pressure off of my right foot. As I laid there with the scooter on top of my right leg I noticed it was running and I shut it off. So I wiggled around in the soft sand and tried move my foot. It didn't feel to bad so I got up and lifted the scooter and moved it out of the sand. Pushing it was quite a chore but I thought my foot nor my ankle are broken so I proceeded to move it.
 One of the advantages of a scooter is there is no clutch nor shifting lever. It is like an automatic transmisison, without reverse. I tried starting it and of course it was flooded but soon it started. My left arm somehow got strained beyond normal use (normal use is with a fork and traveling to my mouth with food) and was quite sore. The rear brake for the scooter is a pedal on the right side and in an emergency I could, I thought, use it. I always had the front brake and it worked with a lever on the right side, just use it with caution.
 No other excitement happened on the way home except, I met a kindergarten school bus and his wig wag lights were not working. I flagged him down after I watched a couple of little  kids getting off in front of their home and no warning lights on the bus. He thanked me very profusely and wanted to shake my hand. I said no, I hurt my ankle and I'm not getting off until I get home.
 As I left him I wondered, is this coincidence that I  could warn him or is that EYE of GOD in the sky watching all of us and sending  blessings. Like He said He would?
 Well I drove Dahlin into the shed put her up on her standard and limped into the house. As I sat down to take my boot off I was hoping that I wouldn't have to cut it off as I just paid $175.00 for these not too long ago. Besides that I've watched to many emt's cut lacing and boots off of people before. I did not have to cut my boot.
 Well now the bruise on my ankle is in technicolor and on both sides of the  ankle five or 6 inches toward the toes.
 So Patt my dear I'll still get you some color pictures, it is just going to take a little longer.

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Anonymous said...

Another great story, dad! Keep writing. When I read your stories it's just like you were sitting here telling me. Love, Kitt