Thursday, September 5, 2013

Dahlin is hot and bothered

Yesterday I took “Lil Dahlin” and scooted on down to the Amish Store which is only 14 miles round trip. I laughed as the people watched me in amazement as I stored my supplies for the trip home. Lil Dahlin has that big rear end so she can store quite a bit. No problems as I headed back home at 55 to 60 mph, keeping up with traffic. When I got in the village limits and slowed down to about 25 the temp went up a notch on the  ”IDIOT” screen. Well probably needs coolant.  Checked it and it did need a couple of oz. Put it in and said Lil Dahlin keep your cool, were going for a ride. Doing pretty good on the temp screen and I says Lil Dahlin I’m done with this fooling around it is now or never! Off we went screaming as only a Helix screams (nice) WHEN to my amazement the temp gauge jumped up 3 bars. Oops sorry Lil Dahlin we gotta try this again. Coolant was ok so I said, take care of you in the morning.

Lil Dahlin


 I started going through the manual checking on how to get at the radiator, fan, thermostat, hoses etc.  Then I watched Duck Dynasty. I used to have neighbors like them!  No, I will not give you names. BUT some of you should be nervous.

 This AM 52 degrees great sunny day to tear into Lil Dahlin’s innards. And see if I couldn’t find her problems. Like a woman sometimes those problems are DEEP! So I spread out my tarp in my luxurious grass in the back yard, wheeled her out and I tripped over the tarp. The tarp being high quality dollar store special of course wadded up. So I backed her off and went to start her and drive it onto the tarp. She would not start. I said don’t get so temperamental on me,  gee I didn't mean everything I said about you yesterday I was only joking, they never forget, you know. I sat there amazed and was thinking about the song “Lucille you picked a fine time to leave me”. I’m sure you’ve all thought that, now and then.

 It acted like the “fuel enrichment valve” (choke) might not be working. I knew about that as I’d just replaced it a couple of months ago.

 Checked and it was still where it belonged (whew). Then went to the electrical part that goes to the temp sensor, it was connected (OK). So I said corrosion, maybe. Went to pull the  electrical connector(that has both hot and ground wires) for the valve apart and it fell apart in my hands. Checked it over and seemed to be ok and I SNAPPED it back together (might not have done that before) . Of course it started and I said very  good, LIL Dahlin.

 Still being in the 50’s with a high in the high 70’s today I’ll test her out this afternoon. Maybe just maybe she won’t get all hot and bothered again. LOL


It’s more fun when you smile!

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