Monday, September 16, 2013

Tuesday Sept 10th 2013
 For the last month I've been trying to talk Lighthouse Bob into scootin over to Gladwin, MI. A young lady that I had in Sunday School about 30 yrs ago has been having some physical problems. She was anxious to see us both. Bob was the pastor at  that time.
 We left just about on time (for us) about 9:15. The weatherman said it was going to be hot but the temp then was  in the low (very) low 60's, so we both had on light jackets. We headed east on M-20/ The only thing bad of course was the sun was in our eyes. We made it to Big Rapids in about 30 to 35 minutes with no problem. Now Big Rapids is not a big town by stretch of the imagination. I laughed as I thought about the time I was there and the college was called FERRIS INSTITUTE. It sure fit the group I was with back then, I do not imagine much has changed since then, with some people. LOL . Things were going really well as we headed East on the great county roads until we ran into DETOURS. The detours took us North which was part of the NE direction we had to go. We ran into 3 maybe 4 of those detours but all of the roads were great. We soon ended up on M 66 which I just took north because all of the easterly roads seemed to be gravel. We took it north to US.10 and took a break in the shade and shed our jackets as it was quite warm by then. We also broke out our water bottles. A trick I learned in Idaho from the Idaho Fish and Game when I worked for them was to freeze at least one bottle and then wrap it up with the others.
That way you have a cool drink of water for a long time. We walked around and stretched some muscles and soon we were off. The wind was now blowing at about a 10 mph with a lot of gusts into the 20 mph range. Going through Farwell and Clare and then north. We stopped at a turn off and tried to read our gps idiot screens. The glare was so bad on mine I could not read it and of course I could not hear it with the helmet on. Bob's gps was giving him fits and he told me Gladwin is GONE. We both laughed and said we'll go north. Soon we came to a t-intersection and decided to turn left which meant we were going west. I was told that it was only couple of miles. We went probably 3 or 4 miles and stopped and said we gotta read these things.. We played around for awhile with our electronic wonders and a lady stopped. The most beautiful lady we'd seen in the last 1/2 hour or so. She laughed and told us to go back from whence we came and keep going. So we did we kept going, going, going until we reached civilization. We were only about 15 miles off in our calculations.

 So as we entered town we started looking for the street we were supposed to be on, a 1/2 hour before. Do you know how much it hurts a guy to ask for directions once in a day let alone twice? Another lady gave us the directions as only a native can. Using landmarks because she didn't know the street names. I laughed, thanked her, and told Bob to follow.
We found it and then could not find the residence. I knocked on the door, no answer. I finally called her and she said  blah, blah to get to my place. Come to find out we were at her neighbors. They had adjoining back yards. We could've shouted at each other, we were only a 100 feet apart.

  We had a couple of enjoyable  hours as we listened to her describe her physical problems. I listened in silent agony as she told us in detail of the problems. Meanwhile sipping on water trying to rehydrate our systems.
  Soon we had to say good-bye as Bob had a Couples Class at 7PM and it was now going on 3 pm.
 Hugs, kisses and goodbyes are always hard especially amongst friends.
 We went to the main drag and filled our scoots up with eastern gold. My trip meter read 125 miles for the trip there.   LIL DAHLIN got 68 mpg and Bob's Silverwing got about 10 mpg less. We went to a Burger King and tried to continue to rehydrate and a local person came over and sat with us and talked scooters. All the time we're in there the wind was picking up probably another 6 to 7 mph and it was coming out of the WSW which meant we were quartering into the wind and looking into the sun.
 I had to keep mine at 45 to 55 mph to feel comfortable with the wind and when I met a semi my anal suction went up to 110%. At one point a Harley hog pulled out in front of us and it made me feel sooooo good, he was actually going slower than we were. Maybe it was because the passenger, a woman was beating on his back?
 At Lake Station west of Clare I had to stop as one of my knees was burning beyond desire, if you know what I mean?  2 or 3 minutes of walking around and off we went all the way on US-10 to M-37 at Baldwin. I had to excercise that knee again, Bob pulled up beside me and said he was going on. I said OK and about 2 minutes later I was rolling south and Lil Dahlin was like a run-away horse headed for home. Unbeknown to me Bob continued on South on 37 and went all the way to M-20 (which is a good 4 or 5 mi farther) while I turned off at Bitely. As I went through Woodland Park and got out on 11 mi rd I said look out "government" beef (deer) I'm coming through. There was no wind and I saw nary a deer, thankfully, and I was only one minute behind Bob getting home.
 Lil Dahlin which is a 250cc Helix averaged 67 mpg for the trip. Bob's Silvewing which is a Honda 600cc got about 10 mpg less. We went 247 miles on a beautiful day to talk to a beautiful person.
 A great trip and hot in the low 90's and of course HUMIDTY. Also there is now a paper road map in "Lil Dahlin".
 No pictures this trip as we just didn't have time, darn it.
  A side note about dehydration. Idaho Fish and Game was adamant about water. Did you know when your body needs water the first thing to shut down is your kidneys. Of course when that happens the poison is not filtered out of the blood stream like it is supposed to be. Be careful, you cannot live without your kidneys.

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