Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today is Thursday Aug, 29,2013 and it is a beautiful day. The kind you say over and over Thank You Lord. This good weather is greatly appreciated after a few days of thunder showers and no sunshine.
 Something about a road less traveled, is good for "SCOOTIN"
I'm so old I remember almost all of the paved roads were like this.
 After traveling about 15mi I see this farm. Along the roadside
he has planted Sunflowers (big ones). This picture shows almost
the 1/4 mi of flowers
 Notice the size about the size of a pie tin.
 Looking back to see the flowers going up to his corn.
 I could not resist this picture of Stony Lake
so quiet, serene.
 Then a more realistic shot of going to be busy lake this Labor Day Weekend.
 Same lake different view
 Around a curve and over the hill to Silver Lake Sand dune
It is a mad-house on weekends
 Silver Lake has only the sand dunes to keep it separated
from Lake Michigan 

Going through the metropolis of Ferry I saw a sign I hadn't seen in the last 40 years
It said Village Park. I was pleasantly surprised with the spanking brand new pavilion with a couple of picnic tables. So I literally pulled up to a picnic table and got out my tuna sandwiches. bottle of water and had a "picnic".
The park is on their part of the White River and it
is going to keep somebody busy maintaining it in the years to come
Green grass that'll cover a few acres of land and you can see the
easy to navigate stairs down to the river
I did notice that there is going to be a bumper crop of apples this year and the trees are well laden. The cherries were good and also the blueberries

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