Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Summer Direction

As you know I do a lot of reading because I have the time and I am curious to some extent. I've been reading a lot about motorcycles and scooters and I came to an article about The IRON BUTT RALLY/RACE curiosity got the better of me and I started reading. I could not believe the discomfort pain these riders went through
riding their vehicles 11,000 miles in 11 days.
 There are a lot of stories about it and here is one of them click here .
 I said no way could I make my pansy butt do that, there just isn't enough money and I like to sleep.

 Talking it over with some others and reading what the "ROUNDERS" click here  a year-round riding motorcycle club did, I said YEAH!!! That is for me.

Father's Day 2013 at Hardy Dam

So I've we've come up with the FLUFFYBUTT RALLY

 Open to all contestants with 2 wheelers. Now you know that includes bicycles as well as motorcycle/scooters etc.

It can be done at your convenience. NO SPECIAL DATE. But small groups, a couple, some friends it all would be fun!
 Equipment needed scooter/motorcycle/motorbike/bicycle, helmet, desire, camera, sense of humor.

  1.  Set your minimum mileage for the event.
  2. 270 points for getting started (that's the hard part)
    Must be somewhere you have never been or “almost never been”.
    Mix familiar roads with at least 50% of roads you have never driven on.
  3. Must wave at each 2 wheeler you meet 235 points for the entire event, not each 2 wheeler.
    Make a minimum of three stops in places you have never stopped before on your trip (per day). With a picture of each! Try and get the 2 wheeler in the picture also. 235 points for each picture with your 2 wheeler in it. No 2 wheeler IN THE PICTURE IT IS MINUS 470 POINTS
  • One stop must involve laying on your back and sucking in the goodness of nature for at least 12 minutes. (Not because of an accident, nor a overly friendly competitor), REMEMBER THIS IS A FAMILY ACTIVITY!
Be courteous to every local you encounter.
Points will be given for your SMILES ( to be voted on at the end of each trip, by popular vote. 235 points
Must visit local dining establishments, not chains.
If a child is selling lemonade by the side of the road, must purchase. That is a bonus of 235 points w/picture

1:You need not to pick up free kittens.
2: Must bring back a souvenir for the SO “left at home”. And try not to make the souvenier a fuel or food receipt.  
All rules are subject to change and modifications at one's discretion – ESPECIALLY POSITIVE ONES..


  1. Getting briefly lost: 235 points. We've been able to do that at least once each time.
  2. Taking a road that you didn't plan on: 235 points
  3. Taking a wrong turn on purpose and keep going: 470 BONUS POINT points, must have a picture of that road w/street sign and 2 wheeler. No 2 wheeler minus 475 points
  4. Lowering your blood pressure: 235 points
  5. One point will be awarded for each bug collected on your scooter, helmet, jacket or person. Mail those collected bugs to a person who forgot to show up!  (Mail at your own risk!)
  6. If possible take a picture at the city/village limits sign with 2 wheeler in it 235 points. No 2 wheeler, NO POINTS. Be safe doing so.
Enjoy your 2 wheeler, your locale, and yourself

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