Thursday, July 25, 2013


Two months since I've posted anything. Why, after all of these years have I lost interest? Life goes on and my new direction is completely different.
 3/4 of a century, a few adventures in life. The old bones creak a lot, all of the time. Aches and pains from every fall from a horse, motorcycle, snowmobile, atv, football and even baseball. I even tripped on the centerline of road a few years ago and broke some ribs.  The muscles used to hide the creaking of the bones, I believe but, they have gone also.
 Two maybe 3 yrs ago my daughter gave me  a 50cc moped that she and her husband Bill had salvaged. I was happily surprised to say the least. It was a black Linhai moped.
Mine was a lot like this one only black and not as shiny.

 Now a moped's top speed is around 35 to 40 mph and you need no motorcycle endorsement to drive. They are known as a twist & go. There is no shifting, just twist the gas & go! Also when riding one it is affectionately known as SCOOTIN. You'll recognize the machine as it is a step thru, which makes it handy if you're wearing a skirt, LOL. Also that is what separates a scooter from a motorcycle. The moped was fun around this little village of 800 people but I didn't feel safe driving it on the county or state roads. I felt that my big butt was to easy of a target for autos. But the 100 mpg it got was quite an incentive and I rode it quite a bit.  It was very dependable and the salvage job that Bill did was stupendous. Then came a chance to get a newer  and bigger one. Out of the moped class and into a SCOOTER. This one was called Adventure and it was made by SunL. Another Chinese manufacturer. Astonishingly they use the same basic gyc6 4 stroke engine. The Adventure had abs brakes, a 100 more cc's, turn signals on the mirrors and hazard lights (4 way flashers). The top speed on that one was about 65 with WOT (wide open throttle) and a tailwind. It would haul my bulk at a pretty steady 50 mph, but it was working as hard as it could to do so. Also you need a motorcycle endorsement to drive.  BUT, I wasn't real comfortable going any great distance with it. It did develop a oil leak. Now those engines only hold just a little less than a quart. Oil leaks of course are messy and oil collects a lot dirt. The best mpg I ever got was 62mpg. Maintenance is on going with  the never ending loose nut & bolts, all in metric sizes and sometimes hard to replace. I did like the ABS brakes and they seemed to work to perfection. I was chasing a runaway dog one day out in the field and really using the front brake a lot as we twisted and turned out there on the grass. The front wheel never locked up once. I did have to replace the CVT belt. Just like a snowmobile the mopeds and the scooters have a automatic transmission using a V belt for their CVT (constant velocity transmission).

My Honda 2000 "Helix" on its maiden voyage  this last Father's Day (2013). The house boats are at Hardy Pond near White Cloud/Newaygo, MI.

 I have since, within the last 2 months upgraded to a 250cc scooter. This one is a Honda and it is longer, heavier and of course faster. It will run and I'm sure at 65 mph all day. I am averaging a 71.2 mpg and it has no oil leaks though I have had to get a tire and an electric choke for it.
  Motorcycle liscense plate is $12.00 per year and  of course insurance. Michigan is one of the highest if not the highest in insurance premiums in the US.
 With windshield and leg air deflectors it is really comfortable to drive. More so than a motorcycle in that your legs are protected from the heat of the road and the motor and all of its heat is behind you. It has a digital dash with fuel, temp, turn signals, bright light indicator. All of which are easily read while moving. As stated above I did have to get a new front tire. I also installed a fuel enrichment valve, That is a fancy word for CHOKE. 
 Scooters starting with mo-peds start out at about $500.00 for the 49cc and go all the way up to, are you ready for this, $11,000.00! That is right eleven thousand smackeroos. BMW makes one that gets from zero to 60 in under 4 seconds and it is about 800cc's. That folks is a fast scooter.

The above scooter is a Suzuki Bergman 650e. Sitting on the dealers floor for only 10,999.00. This scooter has 650cc's shift or automatic transmission at the touch of a button. The windshield can be adjusted electronically as your travelling for a total movement of 4 inches up and down. It has heated handgrips, heated seat, a push button passing gear and the  adjust electrically into the side of the body when you park it if you want. Tons of storage that you won't believe and the list goes on and on, OH top speed 112mph. and they are getting 55 to 60 mpg. 

Scooters come in all kind of different shapes & sizes and  many colors.
For the ladies, I think.

So this new direction can be blamed(?) on Kitt and Bill. I think it is wonderful to have hobby which is interesting to me and also gives me a chance to economically travel around and see some friends and relatives. I've been looking for somebody else to sort of buddy up and explore together but so far I've found nothing Buuuuuuttt, you never know! 

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