Saturday, July 27, 2013

Greased Pigs

Finally some cool air. From the mid 90's and then it DROPPED to the high 50's last night, today in the 60's. Our local little town of Ferry has its annual "Ghost Town Day" today so I went. 2 other scooter riders never showed up. I imagine the threat of thunder storms and the cool misty day kept them snug in their homes, or maybe just being cool they were sleeping.
 A town of a 100 which goes all out for their "day" of the year. Firemen put on a breakfast which is good every year lots of pancakes, eggs and sausage. They had the kiddie tractor pull, lawnmower pulling and a bunch of other things but the crowd pleaser is the GREASED PIG CONTEST. No I wasn't greased up. 3-5 yr olds were first chasing their piglet. 20 kids chasing one little pig. (Just like being home on the farm) With the pig soaked in liquid soap and each of the kids hands and arms were then covered with soap and the fun started. The first event of 3-4 yr olds was great but the next group of older ones was funnier. With the big show of soaping the pig with liquid soap with a lot of spillage all over the grass and then the kids and their soaped up hands and arms with a light rain/mist it was one slippery mess. All in all it is/was great family fun and at no charge for the contestants but their should be a charge, for the entertainment of the crowd.
 Also a lot of friends were there and after pulled pork sandwich with coffee and chips it was time to head for home as thunder and lightning was moving in from the west over Lake MI. So I scooted for home, after donning some rain gear, made the trip (only 15 mi) safely and still smiling about the pigs and the kids. 

 Another safe scootin trip with my resurrected out of the shed Helix! I've got name it. Got any ideas?

 Already getting ready for my next scoot which 'll be about 120 mi to visit a young lady that I taught in Sunday School. She had a blood clot and it settled in her spine and paralyzed her legs.
The Doctors told her she'd get them back and she is now able to use them after 2yrs of trying. I haven't seen her in 20 yrs. It should be interesting. Maybe even some pictures, if I remember the camera.

 Gotta get somebody to go with me! What ya doin?

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