Friday, May 31, 2013

Winter is over/5/30

Spring arrived with a big WHERE IS THE AIR CONDITIONING? From in the 40's to the 90's overnight. But it was only for a day or so and then came the rain, frost a couple of times, cool or cold weather and more rain.
 I live in MI about 20 mi inland from Lk MI and north of Muskegon about 20 miles. We've been fortunate in our weather. Of course it gets snow maybe 6 or 7 ft, but you can shovel it. We get ample rain and we seem to be out of the "storm belt".
 Now is the time of the year that you mow your lawn weekly, it is also time for the mosquitos and the black flies. It is also the time the hatchlings are learning to fly and the crows are stealing eggs and the newly hatched out of the nests. It has been a good winter it looks like as there are a lot of fawns and it is nice watching them explore their world and run about.
 Yesterday I was walking my DAWG, Rosie up behind the daughters and son in laws place enjoying the quietness that there is in the morning after a night long rain. Soon I spied a young fox that was "hunting". Probably about 12 weeks old but still had the fuzzy puppy fur. Of course Rose saw the youngster and took off after it. The young fox was so shook up it could not get through the wire fence. Three times he tried and three times he hit his nose on the wire. Height wise the fox was about the same as Rose, but of course not filled out. The fox backed up against the fence and went into a defensive move, since it could not get through the fence.
 My brave dog did use some common sense and proceeded cautiously up towards the fox.
 Now I've heard foxes yap (bark), snarl and the like but this one sounded a lot like a pig when it grunts. I walked up to about 15 feet and the foxes attention was on Rose not me. I called Rose and she didn't pay any attention to me so I warned her with the tone on her electronic collar. She came to me, but did care for it at all. As rose walked towards me the fox went hell bent for election to the corner of the fence and again could not get through. Rose was off going to the election also. The fox was now getting ready to fight for its life and it told Rose so. They were still only about 15 ft from me and the hair on both animals was definitely standing straight up. They were lunging back and forth at one another and suddenly Rose did the offensive attack. As she did I gave her an electronic shock not once but three times before she spun around in the air, like a cat and came back to me. The fox got its wits about it and went through the fence quite easily.
 No I didn't get any pictures and wouldn't had time to take any. As I didn't want the pup to be hurt. I did tell Rose that she was lucky it was a young fox. If it had been its mother and she couldn't escape I'm sure blood would've been drawn.
 So it goes on my daily adventures of life.

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