Wednesday, February 20, 2013

  The way I  usually picture myself almost is about 55 to 60 yrs ago. And then as I stumble as I'm walking across the field and remember that nowadays the wild grasses are higher all of the fallen trees and fences are to be walked around. No more leaps and bounds or vaulting is in my life, at least on purpose. I must carefully plant each foot, almost as walking on thin ice, testing the ground to make sure that I do not stumble. My dog, Rosie, has boundless energy runs around and around like a young deer frolicking in the spring. I plod along with determination heart beating, strenuously, yearning to make my destination which in the knee deep snow is only a 1/4 mi.
 The wind is still blowing but the temperature is relatively mild at about 20 degrees. Enough wind so that I wished I had some sort of face protection as the snow pelts my face with freezing dampness. Rosie sees something in the bushes up near the wood lot and I notice a coyote sneaking away. I draw my gun because I know the coyote could take care of Rosie. Soon the coyote breaks into a clearing about a 100 yards ahead and I re holster my firearm happy that I don't have to use it.
 As we continue on, Rosie does not see a pretty good size cottontail hiding and runs right on by the bunny. The rabbit runs hell bent for election the other way laughing at the crazy dog that did not see him. Soon the dog comes up to me like she is asking, what happened? I just laugh and tell her she is not a hunting dog, unless it is food in her dish at home.
 I marvel at the Mother Nature's snow scape. The rest of the short walk is uneventful but breathtaking as we return to the car. Tomorrow I'll have to take some pictures to put on here. 

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