Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 I think most of you that have read any of my posts over the last few years understand that I'm not a "radical" or "extremist" by any means. I'm old enough to vote (74 to be exact). Also if you missed it in any of my posts I am Christian, saved by the grace of GOD!
 I cannot stand a liar, and folks we have nothing but liars and crooks in our government. Starting right at the top #1 down through most of the House and Senate. All lawyers which really do nothing but circumvent the laws that were put into our constitution to protect us all. Most if not all of BO's appointed Czars are right out of the criminalized "Daley" regime that has pervaded Chicago, forever it seems. And it seems as if they are all of the same political party and of course from the city that is the "murder" capital of the US. Where it is almost impossible to even own a gun. So only the "bad" (they can't read) have handguns.
 I don't know how many "Czars" have been put in position in the last 4 to 6 years but it is too many. Just like "Executive" orders, which have been used numerous times.
 Of course gun control issues are making the headlines right now. The officials are standing on the COFFINS of the deceased to try and make their point. There are thousands of laws about owning, buying and selling firearms and most of them are not enforced. I did have a small gun shop which I loved very much but so many of the "draconian" laws on the books make it awful hard to "dot" all of the I's and "cross" all of the T's. One day when an ATF inspector came in I decided that I'd had enough of it. She was really not to bad of a person, down deep. My books all checked out and I was officially not a gun dealer any longer.
 The president (intentionally not capitalized) in all of the hoopla of the last few weeks put in an "executive order" that I bet most of you did not even hear about.
 It has been the standard of our country to furnish secret service personnel for ten years after the president and some others leave office. (Mind you at great cost, housing, transportation and everything else you can think about are covered in it.) It is now good for an unlimited number of years.
 The last I heard that the SS for the Clinton's at their residence was well over a million dollars a year. That is above and beyond Hillary's needed while traveling.
 Isn't that hypocrisy? Telling what the people can and cannot do but fixing your own agenda so that you are protected?
 With all of our technology why do they need body guards? They should be all put in their own personal "bubble" where they can tele-communicate with anybody in the world, at anytime. Just think a TV camera, a telephone will instantly hook them up to places like Benghazi where they can tell them NO you're okay you're imagining that noise is bullets, NO I can see that is not insurgents coming over the wall.
 Then maybe Hillary won't fall and get a concussion when it was time for her to testify as to what really went on that night.
 Folks I do not know how to put all of this nicely. If B S was music our country would break the Guiness book of Records as we would have the largest brass band in the world.


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