Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Was God at Sandy Hook

Was God at Sandy Hook? 

Today I sit here with tears in my eyes as I can relate to Sandy Hook. I've read many accounts of this and that and people saying,”where was God”. He was with kids the hiding in a bathroom, He was with the children that ran past the body of their teacher to a neighbors to safety, He was there when the perp took his own life. the stories go on and on and will forever as they do in every tragedy.
Having lost a child (stepson), burying a wife, father and etc and also being at the scene of many accidents in this little town of 800 people, my heart goes out to the police, firemen/women, first responders, EMT and paramedics that are almost forgotten.
In retrospect, can you imagine being one of those people and coming into a scene where so many young, innocent were lost?
Myself I remember being at the scene of a one vehicle accident with 3 fatalities. I was helping the local volunteer ambulance crew by being a gopher, clutcher, pusher, pressure applicator what ever they wanted me to do. I did all they asked, but they could not save the mother, and two 8 yr old boys. As I was hooking up my wrecker one of the cops came by and I asked, what was the mother's name? He told me and I broke down and cried right there. I knew the mother and the children quite well.  But I wasn't worried about who it was, how could I help? Another time at a hunting accident, I was there because a sheriff’s car had hit a deer. I had the car all loaded when the ambulance volunteers all came out of the woods, in shock. 2 of the 3 were related to the victim which I soon found out. I went up to the girls and asked them if they were OK? They looked at me and said, where are we at? They'd been so intent on doing their best that everything else was a blur. I finished what I was doing and went to my wife and said “we need to do something for the EMT's that were there, as volunteers they weren't being paid, maybe $10.00 a call and we all took them for granted. She says do whatever you think is appropriate! I went to the floral shop, at that time we had one, I told them what I wanted and I wanted them delivered ASAP, price is no object.  The lady owner asked what the deal was and I told her. Nancy said she'd see that it was done, right. I also put in a note thanking them for being there and doing their best.  She did as was requested and those 3 EMT's called my wife and profusely thanked her for the flowers, each one explaining wondering if people even cared. Later on each one thanked me with a hug.
You see most of the people in those situations have children at home and it might take as long as a week or even more before it hits them. I'm sure is a form of PTSD.
So all of you out there say a prayer for all of those people involved!

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