Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is what I do with some of my time.  I told this in church a couple of weeks ago but thought maybe some of you might like to know.
The Rest of the Story
I'd like to tell you about a member of this church to help set the record straight and this is a synopsis of what has happened. About 8 months ago a member of this church tried suicide. She'd stolen some pills, and she was so embarrassed that she'd been found out. In the throes of deep depression, no drivers license nobody to turn to. As she was desperately seeking help and did not know she could go to God for her answers. Living in a very verbal abusive life, a recovering alcoholic and nobody at home to talk to, she took those pills. It was a few yrs of pills she'd been hoarding her anti depressant and other pills, only a few of them were the stolen variety. She was in ICU for 2 days hovering between life and death. She ended up in Rehab at Hackley. Luckily they gave her a counselor and Psychiatrist one of which, she said, is a Christian.
Now how did I get involved? I knew she wasn't around here anymore but I didn't know why, one day while driving to the County Medical Center I spotted her on the sidewalk at the East end of Fremont a good month after all of the previous had happened. I circled around and pulled into a driveway to await her as she walked. When she realized who it was, she was relieved. I said you want a ride? She said of course.
I took her to where she was staying and we sat in the car for at least an hour as she told me her story. The verbal and mental abuse by her husband and mother in law (of which I knew a little about), her previous alcohol problem and then her adventure with the pills that ended her relationship at home and her neighbors from whom she stole the pills. Her life was instantly changed forever. She also found out that she was Bi-Polar.
I was amazed as I listened and I apologized for myself and our church for not being there to help her.
Since that time I've seen her at least once a week taking her to, Teen Challenge, Dr. appointments, groceries and also taken her food from the food truck and other places. She just told me last Wednesday that she did not know there was so much help available. I've driven her to Grand Rapids to see Dan Revoir “Miracle Man”, who has spoken here, as he is a Christian Psychologist/ Psychiatrist. Where in one evening, over dinner, he told her things about herself that she did not even know, things that she had supressed deep in her memory bank. You might say it was a well spent 3 or 4 hours.
She continues to see the Drs. at Mental Health but now they have told her to see them every 3 or 4 months instead of bi-weekly. The medicine for her bi-polar problem is doing its job also.
Did I cure her? EMPHATICALLY NO, the cure came from the great Physician we call Jesus. Was it a coincidence that I spotted her walking that day? NO All of the glory goes to God. Did I lead her in prayer when we met weekly? Not really, but I did ask God for guidance in my words and actions with her, daily. Sometimes we'd talk for 2 or even 3 hours. As we talked I found out I was leaning on her as she was on me.
What did it cost me, a couple of meals, some gas and listening to wagging tongues back in Hesperia that thought I was “dating her”. Did the thought about dating her ever cross my mind, you betcha I'm old but not dead, but I'd talk to God, Dan or my Daughters and we'd talk and pray over the phone quite often.
OH the looks we get, when we walk into a coffee shop, Walmart and other places where somebody recognized one of us. She says I know everybody and I tell her no, just the ones she doesn't know.
Oh! By the way, I did tell her, Dan, Pastor Bob and my daughters that if I was 30 years younger I'd think about marriage to her as she is a very lovely person.
A couple weeks ago she got a job and now has a little money to spend on herself and the boys. She has regained her beautiful smile, attends a woman's weekly Bible study and one of her sons now goes to the Christian Boys Cadet Meetings. She would attend church but is working Sundays. So if you do happen to see ***** ******** tell her you miss her.
So I'd suggest to you all, that sometimes it pays to get just a little nosey with your neighbors, members, fellow workers and ask for God's help for their and your problems.
He is there for everyone, even you. If He can help Terri and I, He can also help YOU. Please continue yor prayers for all involved.
That is the rest of the story.

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