Monday, October 29, 2012


  In the last 50 years family values have taken a turn for the worse and what are some of the causes.
Foremost I believe is family leadership. Most of the leadership of the families now come from where. Dad used to rule the roost (mother was the glue)
 Regardless whether you were Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or most of the offshoots your week started with your Sabbath. If your parents didn't go your neighbors made sure you had a way to get to church. I remember riding in cars to Sunday School with kids that we did not associate with through the week. WE WERE ALL EQUAL!!! and Sunday we were at peace..  Religion was not hidden  it was not something to be ashamed of. We all knew that Catholics had fish on Fridays and they also had some meatless days. Others did not eat pork and the list could go on. 
  We now have at least 2 generations of people that have not ever gone to church, other than a wedding or maybe a funeral. Recently I went to a funeral and the driver of the car (afterwards) said he did not appreciate the preaching and/or the invitation during the funeral service. I didn't answer him then, BUT I should of said "it is the only time that some of the people hear the word of GOD!
 I remember being dragged by the ear to Sunday School and then church during my preteen  years. About the time I found out about the Lord I was probably 13 yrs old. When you understand what is being said and study the word JUST A LITTLE BIT everything is a lot clearer.
  Morality took a big hit sometime in the 50's or 60's with the birth control pills. It was no longer necessary to abstain from premarital sex. It did not stop the unwanted pregnancies, the illegal abortions, STD and all of the like.
 Church was forgotten about. Rode vs Way, Prayer taken out of schools, The Ten Commandants were not to be displayed anymore. Even the words Under God were removed form the Pledge of Allegiance, for awhile.
 All of a sudden stores were open on Sundays, church was forgotten and the government took over raising the children. The parents rejoiced, they now had more time for their recreation. 40 hour weeks long weekends and most everyone saying WE DO NOT NEED GOD!
 Politicians were now full time "career politicians" and plotting and telling us how they were making things better for us. Honesty, Loyalty and God Fearing were a thing of the past and still is to this day.
 Network news under the direction of politicians tell us what "we should know and nothing about what we need to know".
 Politicians that have made millions of dollars from the taxpayers keep trying to reap more with all of their schemes. Lying is their way of life and I mean at least 95% of all politicians going all the way up to the White House regardless of their political party.
 Yesterday at Church they showed a movie called "MONUMENTAL" a documentary made by Kirk Cameron. It goes back to King James times and the first printing of the Bible for the average person. The decade and a half of the Pilgrims trying to get someplace where they could practice Christianity as it is said to do in the Bible .
 Our nation was founded on Christian principals and they have now been placed aside  because we as a nation say
   I also remember back in 1950 that our Marines were fighting for their lives in Korea in
A brutal 17 day battle in freezing weather soon followed. In the period between 27 November and 13 December 1950, 30,000 US troops were surrounded by over 67000 Chinese troops. Now the freezing weather was SUB ZERO weather. Why do I mention this?
 I remember being dragged to church on a week night where many people were gathered to pray for our troops. The newspapers had said "that they were all doomed" . I was 12 at the time WW11 was still fresh in our minds and our lives were Christ Centered. With perseverance and the help of God the troops got out of there. If you'd like some mind boggling information just Google in Chosin Reservoir and read. The Chinese lost about 60,000 troops and we lost about 30,000. The exact figures are not known, to this day.
 This is not mentioned in the history books, The plight of the Pilgrims in their decade long trip to Plymouth Rock is not really talked about in our history books.
 Most of the History of the United States is no longer put in the history books as it is not pertinent and so is how and why America became the great nation it once was.
 I implore you to read up on some of the facts of our HISTORY
  Oh by the way  BE SURE AND VOTE and be sure and vote for

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