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Gun Control/Father's Day

The Criminologists' Story

The most revealing fact in the gun-control controversy is that among all of the criminologists who have ever changed their opinion on gun control, EVERY LAST ONE has moved from a position supporting gun control to the side skeptical of gun control and not the other way around... NOT EVEN ONE! Think about the significance of that one simple fact.

Criminologists are the experts who study crime, criminals and their motivation. Their entire career centers around the collection and analysis of statistics surrounding crime and the tools of crime. These are the people who make it their business to know and understand how, when, where, why and by whom guns (or any weapon, for that matter) are used. And, like anyone in any job, they learn more as they grow in the job. So, if the evidence were there to support gun control, wouldn't you expect that at least a few Criminologists would have switched from opposing gun control to supporting it?

GUNS The Untold Truth

John Gaver

November 29, 1999

Updated October 17, 2005

Forget everything that you've been told about guns. Ignore the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. Disregard all of the dramatic press reports. Regardless of how good the arguments on either side of this issue may seem to their proponents, most of them will have absolutely no effect upon their detractors. That is because they do not answer the single most important question to all involved.
What About ME?
What about ME? What about MY personal safety? What about MY children? What about MY family? Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, it all comes down to the question of your own personal safety and that of your loved ones. Any argument that does not address this question will fall on deaf ears.
With that in mind, let me demonstrate conclusively that any restriction placed upon gun ownership is not only contrary to your best interest, but does in fact, increase the likelihood that you or a loved one will become the victim of a violent crime

Think about it...
The mere fact that the more a Criminologist learns, the more likely he will be to oppose gun control, should tell you something. Criminologists who started out supporting gun control are having to face the fact that gun control has not worked anywhere that it has been tried and that you are safer in a society where guns are not restricted, than in one where gun control laws are in effect.

Even Dr. Gary Kleck, the nation's leading scholar on crime and firearms, began his research as a staunch gun control advocate. He is a member of the ACLU, Amnesty International USA, and Common Cause - certainly not someone who you would label as a conservative. He is not and has never been a member of or contributor to any advocacy group on either side of the gun control debate. Yet today, he has moved, by his own words quoted in The Denver Post, November 28, 1985, "beyond even the skeptic position." That is quite a shift.
James Wright, a gun control advocate who received a grant to study the effectiveness of gun control laws from President Jimmy Carter's Justice Department, was surprised to discover, during the course of his research, that neither waiting periods, background checks, nor ANY gun control laws were effective in reducing violent crime. In an article titled "Second Thoughts About Gun Control", in the spring 1988 issue of "The Public Interest", Wright said, "I am now of the opinion that a compelling case for stricter gun control cannot be made."
 Those are just two very visible cases. The list of noted criminologists who have abandoned the gun control position is long and distinguished. Yet not a single noted criminologist has switched positions in the other direction - NOT EVEN ONE.

The Challenge

I challenge any of my readers to provide even one single example of any criminologist who has had his work, skeptical of gun control, published in a respected professional journal and then later published works supporting it. Such evidence does not exist. That's because the more they learn, the more obvious it becomes that gun control has never worked anywhere that it has been tried.

  Today I realized that Father's Day is just a week away. I have children, 2 biological, 3 step (inc.1deceased). I like a lot of Father's don't want anything for Father's Day OTHER THAN the following.
 A phone call would suffice for if you can't make it. Cards are nice and traditional but there is nothing more comforting than your voices. NO GIFTS, I have enough "things" to see me through the rest of my life. Now days it seems as the computer along with its Facebook, Twitter and some other wonderful electronic means has taken the place of conversation. But you know it does not have the "warm fuzzy" feeling a phone call has. 
 I'm hoping my gift of being (trying to be) a father was successful. I made many mistakes in life but thanks to God, most of them were minor. We are all composites of people that we have met and/or been influenced by through life. I hope that some of my better influences I received, came through to each of you. Each one of you with your grandchildren are the future of the world.
 I'm sorry the world is in such poor shape. It is not all my fault but the complacency I lived, in life, did not help it in any way. It is up to all of you to pray and work for a better world for your children.
 As your mother and I watched you grow and start your families we could see some of you make the same mistakes we made. We did not want it but it did happen that way. We also knew enough not to "butt" in there now and then
 It looks as if most of you are doing great with only a few missteps along the way.
 I wish for each and everyone of you, including grand kids and great grand kids to celebrate, safely, Father's Day. AND DADS DON'T FORGET TO TELL EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOUR KIDS YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!!
Like I'm telling all of you. I love You

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