Monday, May 28, 2012


Did you know that in elementary school (kindergarten-3rd grade) we were all equals. Everybody was the same, it did not matter where they lived, what kind of jobs their parents had, sickness in the family or how many siblings they had. We were all friends!
Then about 9 or 10 yrs of age things changed. You noticed small things about other kids. Where they lived, what kind of jobs their parents (if they worked at all), sickness in their families and a whole myriad of things. Now you were more selective of your friends bickering started, arguments and a few fights along the way. Sports helped make a few more selections for some, others delved into books and studies. "Cliques" as we called them became more common and lasted all the through school. Things kept going on just the same, college, work, marriage and what have you.
Military BOOT CAMP. You are stripped of some of your thoughts and actions and all of a sudden you were all equal again! Heads shaved, all issued the same (designer) clothing and you all looked the same. You were all subject to the same new laws and regulations that do or did not make much sense.
We were learning to rely on each other for any and all help when needed.
After boot camp we start the selection of friends again just as we did between elementary school and boot camp.
Being equals are almost becomes a thing of the past until it comes to battle. In the thick of ferocious battle WE ARE ALL EQUALS AGAIN!! You must depend on each other to survive, remember, just like elementary school and boot camp.
We are in such a battle right now, our quality and way of life is being challenged daily by the forces of BIG GOVERNMENT. They are telling us (making new laws) what we can and cannot do. Our The president quotes, almost daily, from the Quran. Just about as far away as you can get from The Holy Bible. Flaunting his position in life telling us how he is our savior, so to speak. Sorry pres, my Savior spoke over 2000 ears ago and it is well documented by history as well as the Bible.
The Bible: ABC says the Bible is just a collection of stories handed down through the generations. Isn't it amazing how all of those stories told by different authors, some years apart, are all the same and all talk of love.
The Quran does not speak of equality, I believe it talks of servitude. It does not speak of Love, as the bible does,it speaks of hate. The Bible does not ask for Martyrs. It says you get to heaven by confessing your sins and asking God to wash you from them.
My interpretation of the Quran is this, and I know those of you who know me just knew this was coming, kill as many infidels as possible and blow yourself to Hell.
We are all equals in this fight and that means each and everyone of you must help each other through this the coming battle.


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