Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Hard Task, accomplished

 Yesterday, May 5-2012 I attended a college graduation. First let me tell you it is not one of my favorite things to do. But it was actually not too bad the invited speaker said something to the effect that you didn't come here to listen to me to tell you some of the old cliches. I would say his speech lasted maybe 10 minutes.

 There were over 300 graduates. And it was over within an hour and twenty minutes. Of course it took 20 minutes to get out of the building, LOL.

The person I was there to see is a young lady whom has had my admiration for the last 14 years.
  You see she'd made a poor choice a few years ago and she became a unwed mother and at the time I thought, OH BOY here we go!

But with her being raised in the shadow of God (whom she did not forget), mom, step-dad, siblings all of the rest of her relatives and friends, her church, she thrived. She had a beautiful baby girl, in fact it looked a lot like her mother.

Then came the day of her wedding, somebody she'd known for years and come to find out he was a Christian also. Another celebration that was so heartfelt that I cried. Me crying, at a wedding!
Click here to read about the wedding)

With their oldest girl now a teenager and the younger 2 in elementary, working full time and attending college it cannot be easy. Well God never said it'll be easy, did He?

Erin were those tears I saw in your eyes as you paraded in? Could you see our tears? Mine were tears of happiness, tears of pride and disappointment. Diappointment that your dad and gradparents were not there to watch. Of course they all had a “ringside” seats and probably shouts of hallelujah could be heard in the heavens as they shouted in joy of your accomplishments.

The reception was GREAT and I am, as the rest of us, are thanking your in-laws for the beautiful gathering.

You might say I'm proud of you, you're right!

Love to you and GOD BLESS

Grandpa Darrell

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